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Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by RPGWorld, Sep 24, 2011.

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    the NPC can only have one quest?
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    A location quests ^^

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    could put in the next version that the NPC can have more than one quest would be great :D
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    Really great plugin. Please make it compatible with Linux, most servers run on Linux. Also some register compatibility should be great, it still writes me errs into the console.
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    What? they didn't make it linux compatible? That's an outrage!
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    Ummmmm.... Sooo, is it Linux compatible?
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    I don't know.
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    It is...
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    I have to second this request. Specifically, you mention that there would be a small tie-in to Citizens. This would be beautiful to have. I was about to write my own hard-coded quest plugin, but the inclusion of this trigger would make it completely possible in RPGQuest, which would obviously be incredibly easier!
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    sSo basically add a new quest type where no objectives are requires? kk,i can do that :)
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    Actually, the objective would be to right click on an NPC, preferably one created through Citizens. There's an NPCRightClickEvent included in it that should be simple enough to test for.
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    It's really easy to recreate the NPCRightClickEvent (it's just the normal right click event, with a isNPC check)
    But ok,i'll add it as soon as my router is fixed >.>
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    I mean, that works fine; however you want to implement is fully up to you. My request is simply for a quest trigger based on this event :p
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    can you help me pls. i had created a npc and i got from him a quest but how cant drop the item and pls make a video how to use RPGquest
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    I thought citizens has an own quester part? so is this plugin needed?
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    make a video or someone explane it .When i drop item to the npc it do nothink


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    I'm not quite sure what your problem is :p

    Ok, i've got exams approaching + pretty much lost interest in questing systems, so i'll be dropping this, as well as RPGWorld :(
    Somebody from the team will pick it up, don't worry :p
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    I love it, but I don't like the fact that players need to carry a book and a sheet of paper on them at all times in order to receive and complete quests.
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    i have a quest to give a NPC 64 wood i drop it and i wait and wait and nothink i didnt complete the quest
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    You're not supposed to drop it, you have to COMPLETE it :p
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    How to use this without NPC? Just like /quest start and /quest done? :( I want to use this because uQuest doesn't work. :((
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    Could Someone just tell me which is the active thread for this mod?

    There are about 6 threads for RPGQuest, is this the currently 'active' one?


    And the mods looking great! Can't wait for another release!

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    why u make it so complicated? just give us plugin with
    /q give - give quest
    /q finish - finish quest

    no npcs, no books, no stupid things
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    Because we want the npc of the quest idiot
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    This is not the way to ask for features, and this is not the proper way to respond. I have given both of you warning infractions.
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    Two questions, first, I'm having trouble making kill mob quests (I've gotten the others down perfectly). They worked at first but now do not give credit to players for their kills. Can somebody provide an accurate example as how one would set up a "Kill 15 skeletons quest"?
    And secondly, my plugin told me there was an update, but I cant find the download, where can I locate it?

  29. Could you add a message for targets like:
    "A player has been sent to assassinate you, be careful"
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    Is anyone able to setup for me and teach me how to use/add npc and use RPGworld&RPGquest ?

    Add me on msn: [email protected]

    Paying a fee to whoever is going to do this.
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