WIP [RPG/MECH] HealingTotem - Health Regeneration from Totem Poles

Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by tprk77, Jul 26, 2011.

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    Offical Release:



    I don't like pork. And I don't like eating it to gain health.

    ...ok, pork is delicious, but I need motivation for this plugin.

    HealingTotems allows players to create totem poles that radiate healing powers and damage mobs. Once a player builds a totem, a "safe bubble" is created where players are continually healed and mobs are continually damaged. Totems are configurable: you can choose which blocks the totem is made out of, the healing power, and the range.

    • Configure the totem's structure, the range, and the power of the healing.
    • Automatically detects the creation of new totems, no commands necessary. Automatically detects the destruction of a totem.
    • Give totems negative power to make them EVIL.
    • Players and Mobs are affected.
    • Wolves are affected too! Tame wolves are healed, angry wolves are damaged.
    • Turn a totem on or off with redstone. Totems are "active low," meaning they are normally on, but can be turned off by applying power.
    • Uses Bukkit's built-in permission system.
    • It's my first plugin!

    • Optional helper commands.
    • Lightning and fire.

    Oops, I put this in the wrong forum. How do I move it?

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    I think your right in this Forum because your Plugin is not finished
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    Randy Schouten

    There's a WIP section in this sub-forum, which is why he said himself that it's the wrong place.
    So your wrong :p
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    Ok, it's been moved. Any comments or suggestions? This plugin is almost done, I'm just working on the persistence part of it. I also have to work on the break detection, but that's about it.

    I'm trying to decide if healing/damage should stack. Right now I'm thinking yes, but then there could be situations where someone dies instantly from too much stacked damage. I guess it will have some sort of limit... maybe I can limit totem density.
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    Comment: Was looking for exactly this to add to my server, hope to see it up and running soon.
    Suggestion: Maybe make stackable healing/damage a configurable option? Or activatable by adding a certain block to the top?
    Suggestion #2: Make healing/damage configurable by having a certain block? Example: Lapis block for healing, Netherrack for damage?
    Question: Fesability of increasing power by adding redstone curent? (Redstone torch on the top for example)?
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    I'm shooting for a (beta) release this weekend. I'm going to add healing/damage stacking to the YAML, but it might not make the first release. As for the second suggestion, that's kind of already in there! Totem poles are completely configurable, including the block combinations and the associated power (+ = healing, - = damage).

    The redstone activation is a really good idea. I'm going to add that to the planned features.
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    Cool, definately going to have to keep an eye on it then. Out of curiosity, are you going to have all the towers have seperate timers, or all triggering at the same time? I ask since if they were simultainious, it may make it easier to do the stacking by identifying the player location, and multiplying the effect by the number of towers that are in range. You're right about my second suggestion being in there already, guess that's what I get for posting something while I was very tired, heh. The configurability would allow us to make our own tower combinations for sepera.....Just had an idea, I'll tack it down at the bottom.
    The redstone would be cool to see, I'll look forward to it.
    Question: You said the totems are completely configurable, does that mean we could set our own effects? Lightning strikes or setting players on fire for example? Though that is sort of edging away from the central principle of the totems...
    Suggestion: Configurable targeting, being able to ingore or target players based on a permissions group? Or configure damage effect to affect certain mobs?
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    Suggestion: make a totem out of like golden blocks or valuable things because otherwise it would be a too easy way to get health
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    From what I read, and heard, the totem blocks are configurable so you can make them as hard or as easy to make as you want, via a config file.
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    Sounds good. Maybe a idea that you can let the totems let players near the totems expect the player who placed it too catch fire. (so with negative healing + fire effect). And could it be possible to let totems places by command and that a player only can set a maximum amount of totems. Then I could use it with heroes and make a cool shaman class :D.
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    this sounds great! does it heal mobs too (if so that would be cool as well, kind of a king of the hill situation with the poles in combat)? i love things like this that let my players choose how/where things work and not have to use commands... very cool im looking forward to using this [cake]
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    I've been working on totem detection. Last week I realized the detector didn't work for other orientations of the structure. So you could define a 'S' shaped structure, but it would only be detected when the 'S' was facing North, not East, South, or West. Well I finally fixed it. You can fine tune the detection using the rotator flag. NONE means no rotations are considered, Y_ONLY means rotations about the Y axis are considered, and ALL means rotations about all axes are considered.

    Y_ONLY is probably the most useful. ALL might be a little over kill, as a structure lying on it's side might seem kind of weird. NONE is useful when the structure is symmetric in all directions, like a 1 block wide tower. It also means the server has to do fewer comparisons.
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    I would like it if you could make some people get damaged so that way I can allow users to protect their towns from Pirates, Werewolfs, and Vampires in my server. Can you also make it so that users can only build a configurable amount of totems each?
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