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Should we finish this?

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    MCPrison prison-plugin
    • Create prisons with cells
    • Have a prison-yard for all the prisoners
    • Isolate the prisoners that are breaking the rules
    • Perform actions with the linked buttons/signs
    • Choose a warden and play after his rules
    • The warden can choose guards to guard the prison
    • The alarm goes off when a prisoner escapes his cell without permission
    • Everything is logged so that you can make sure of who opened the specified cell and so on
    • You can set the sentence for the prisoner and the reason for being prisoned
    • The prisoners are automatically released after the specified amount of time
    This plugin is in a Work in Progress state, and is not ready to be released for a while.

    Once you created a prison, you can manage it.
    You can add prisoners, and even automatically create cells if that's what you want.
    To create a prison, you select the zone you want to build the prison on.
    The outline for the prison will then be created. You can only create one prison for now.
    We will be adding more information later on!

    /prison sone - for selecting the first point of the prison-zone.
    /prison stwo - for selecting the second point of the prison zone.
    /prison create {name} - create the prison with the two points selected.
    /prison delete {name}- delete the prison with the specified name.
    /prison guards add {player}- add a guard to the prison.
    /cells add {name} {size}- add a cell with the specified name and size at current location.
    /cells delete {name}- delete a cell with the specified name.
    /cells prisoners add {cell-name} {player} {duration}- add a prisoner to the specified cell.
    /cells isolation add {prisoner} {duration} - add a prisoner to the isolation.

    We're create a preview-thread because we want your opinion on this project.
    Do you think we should finish it or not?
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    There really is no all-in-one prison plugin.
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    What are you talking about?
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    I am saying this is a good idea, as it is a all-in-one prison plugin. You still working on it?
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    Yes, of course.
    Thank you for the comment.
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