[WIP] ProfessionsPlus - Earn Money with professions [1337]

Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by Killie01, Nov 30, 2011.

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    Professions+ the purpose:
    Earn money with:
    • Mining
    • Woodcutting
    • Farming
    • Fishing
    And it adds alot of customization.

    • Mining
      • Stone (default: $0.5)
      • Mossy cobblestone (default: $0.5)
      • Lapis Lazuli (default: $1.0)
      • Coal Ore (default: $1.0)
      • Iron Ore (default: $1.5)
      • Gold Ore (default: $1.0)
      • Obsidian (default: $2.0)
      • Diamond Ore (default: $2.5)
    • Woodcutting
      • Normal wood (default: $1.0)
      • Redwood (default: $1.0)
      • Birchwood (default: $1.0)
    • Farming
      • Wheat (default: $0.5)
      • Melons (default: $1.0)
      • Pumpkins (default: $1.0)
      • Sugarcane (default: $0.5)
    • Fishing
      • Fish (default: $1.0)
    Note: the prizes are not thought about seriously, they are almost random.

    • pro+.use:
      • pro+.use.woodcutting
      • pro+.use.mining
      • pro+.use.farming
      • pro+.use.fishing
    • pro+.freeswitch
    • pro+.admin
    Anti abuse system:
    • ---Player placed blocks will not award any money.--- need to find out how im gonna do this.
    • People will not get the blocks if they are in Money-mode (Configurable)
    To use:
    • /profession <m/w/fa/fi> (price configurable, free by default)
    • use above while already assigned to a profession to choose new one (price configurable)
    • use above whit same profession to cancel.
    • BlockDestroy listener [||||||||||] 0% (i know, get angry at me! :D)
    • Main class [|||||||||| ] 70%
    • Configuration [|||||||||| ] 90%
    • Mining [||||||||||] 100%
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    Sounds really good :)...

    Depend on the block, its the amount of money.
    Dirt: .5 Obsidian $5

    Great job :)
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    look at the customization, it's implemented already :D
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    Easy and clean. I'n excited and looking forward to see some beta versions :) .
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    Lol sorry i didn't see it Great :)
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    you know what is even better? it's coming this weekend, i'll put a progress-o-meter up now.
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    good news:
    i'll make it work with levelcraft, mcmmo, Skillz, to only allow earning at a certain level.
    this will be in 1.1
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    That sounds great! And I was going to suggest mcMMO integration before I saw your last post! I personally think it may be better to just get the block/item and sell it with iConomy or essentials or something. But when this comes out it may prove me wrong! Sounds good tho, so good luck!
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    for the anti-abuse system, check this out, it is something i wrote for RealFluids to keep track of the fluid height of each fluid. You could keep track of any data you want on a per block basis


    i have no idea if it still works with the newer versions of Bukkit
    this works by caching the data for the chunks based on the LRU algorithm and r/w from/to the disk when needed and supports any object type you need (its a generic)
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    :D thanks.
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    if you need any help with it, let me know
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    I like your idea!
    What's about a "hunter profession"
    Maybe with a limitation, because it's easy to get some food ;)
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    sure :)
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    this being delayed is because of:
    • lots of homework
    • lots of gaming
    • bigger project
    AND ofc. the holidays
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