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    SubWorld The Advanced Server Management Tool

    SubWorld is the ideal World and Server Management Tool. It combines the ability of having multiple worlds stored on one server, a complex command and control system for Ingame-Operators and the console and a powerful DeveloperAPI.​

    SubWorld is organized in different Interfaces which manage different features:​
    • SubWorld-Core
    • SubWorld-OpPlayerInterface
    • SubWorld-ConsoleInterface
    • SubWorld-ScriptingInterface
    The advantage of that is, that for example only the console have the power to manage through the specific SW Interface.​

    Progress & Milestones:​


    • (General) Project Bones 40%
    • (API) SubWorld-Core (Developer)
    • (Interface) OpPlayerInterface (Ingame)
    • (Interface) ConsoleInterface (Host)
    • (Interface) ScriptingInterface (SWSCBPE)
    • (Test) Testing (Developer;Ingame;Host;SWSCBPE)

    For more information visit the dev bukkit page (Wiki will be completed/provided on first release).​

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    The project "SubWorld" has been suspended for an indefinite period of time due to missing time for development.
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