[WIP] Payload Minigame (TF2 Based)

Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by MineoxFX, Jul 22, 2013.

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    Hi Everyone, im Mineox (Owner of a community that is coming live this month named BoxCraft). Im a New to Java Bukkit Developer looking for Help to create one of our minigames named Payload.
    The Description is Below:
    Config File which edits which blocks CAN NOT be broken, anything not in the list can be broken, except Bedrock (DONE (EASY))
    2 Teams
    A lobby before the match starts
    Once a minecart goes to an area the team wins, this area could be edited and selected with a command
    Once 10 players are in the lobby the match has a 10 second countdown
    Max people on each team: Five (configurable)
    If people don't choose a team they get auto-assigned to the team with the least people
    When match ends server restarts
    Unlimited lives (DONE)
    Kits and teams to be only chosen in lobby
    Prefix for which team you are in
    Every chest in the map gets refilled every 2 Minutes, the items it fills with should be edited with the config file
    When you die you respawn in your team spawn
    No fall damage
    Kits: (ALREDY DONE)
    Default Classes:
    1 Stone Sword "Warrior's Sword"
    1 Iron Helmet
    1 Stone Pickaxe "Miner's Pickaxe"
    1 Leather Cap
    1 Stone Axe "Lumberjack's Axe"
    16 Wooden Planks (Oak)
    VIP Classes:
    1 Iron Sword : Sharpness 1 : 10 Hits Left "Knight's Sword"
    1 Iron Helmet
    1 Bow : Power 1 : Punch 1 "Sniper's Bow"
    12 Arrows
    3 Ender Pearls
    1 Splash Potion of Regeneration : 15 Seconds
    1 Splash Potion of Poison : 15 Seconds
    4 Paper "Bandage" (When you right click a team mate it heals them instantly)
    2 Normal Golden Apples
    1 Leather Cap
    1 Leather Tunic
    1 Leather Pants
    1 Leather Boots
    1 Wooden Sword "Scout's Sword"
    3 Potions of Swiftness


    All commands should start with /payload, something like
    - /payload join
    - /payload forcestart
    - /payload forcestop
    - /payload forcerefill
    - /payload etc
    The permissions should also start with payload:
    - Payload.join.1
    - Payload.join.2
    - Payload.forcestart
    - Payload.forcestop
    - Payload.etc
    The format to apply for the Developer team is the following:
    - IGN:
    - Time in java Coding:
    - Time in Bukkit Coding:
    - Time you could give to creating this Minigame:
    - Why would you like to contribute to this Minigame:
    Regards and Thanks in Advance.
    For more information Contact me:
    Skype: devrosemberg

    Or PM me


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