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Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by dubknights, Jul 25, 2014.

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    The question that has probably crossed many of your minds these last few weeks is, "How am I going to monetize my server with the new EULA in place?". I have pondered this question and have come up with a simple plugin to add fancy cosmetic effects to players who purchase them. I call it ParticlePerks.

    Movement Perk:
    Once this perk is activated, a trail of particles will follow the player as he walks around. The player can have portal particles, firework sparks, and more follow his every move behind him. Purely cosmetic, but adds a uniqueness to the player that he will want to buy and show off.

    Bow Perks:
    Once you fire off an arrow, the arrow will leave a trail of particles behind it, and play a cool sound upon firing. The particles that could be trailing the arrow include: Firework Sparks, Flames, Enchantment floaty things, portal particles, lava drips, and more. each of these particles can be sold as a separate perk. ​

    Sword Perks:
    When you swing your sword, a rush of particles will fly out of your sword in the direction you are swinging. The same amount of particles available as the bow perks. ​

    I need more ideas for perks, so please comment below possible ideas that could use particle effects!

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    Particles when you fully mine a block, or break certain items, defined in a config possibly?

    But others, really good ideas with the Sword and bow.
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    EULA states no 'Pay to win'.
    Almost all servers can still be great with the EULA, Pay to play is allowed, For example classes. Classes you must pay in game or with real $ to play, So.. Yes, Particles.
    Need some help with the plugin? :)
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    The point of the new EULA is that everyone is equal and no one has an unfair advantage. If you pay for a class, you will gain an advantage. It doesn't matter if people who don't donate can still get the class by playing.. In fact, that shows that you're paying to win. You pay for something instead of playing for it.. You might want to read the EULA again..
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    Thats why its now monthly on servers. You don't buy the wins.
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    Whh.. .. -- what? I don't understand what you're talking about :p
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    Ok ok, just means that servers now can't sell ranks 1 time, they must sell them monthly. (Because it is more affordable for some..)
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    Bump because august 1st :p
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    dubknights I would mind using this in my core plugin, if you need help with the code give me a private message and we can chat about it.
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    ChipDev Can you make such plugin??? With Particle effects and trails whit a GUI?
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    Particles are the shit :D
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