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Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by Samkio, Oct 23, 2011.

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    I based the crystals on the Lego Rock Raider crystals :p
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    Lets hope we can get them even more hyped when we show these fancy items with some textures blanketing them =D
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  3. Holy shiiiii......
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    So how's my Microwave doing, @Samkio ?
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    Broken ;(
    You can't put stuff inside blocks. Just yet. D:
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    Aye, Darn client screwing things up again?

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    Yeah and dw i havn't forgotten the ding :p
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    I'll be the first one to claim the fame for it :p
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    *turn volume down*

    great :D
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    Sorry! For some reason notifications are not showing up! Anyway, as it turns out, I can't make a decent looking tree :( but I promise you I am still trying. I'm trying to create a willow tree.

    I *may* have a decent willow tree now, I may make some variations of it and send the best pics so you can choose
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    Maybe we could add that if you accidentally use uranium ingots to make a microwave ;) xD

    Okay awesome! Let me know when they are ready. :)
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    I can help develop. I'm not a pro, but I have some Java experience, close to finishing my second plugin. I'd be interested.
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    Dude,I just shouldnt visit the WIP forum. It gets me so frustated. I JUST CANT WAIT FOR THOSE AWSOME STUFF.

    Also, nonspout users...wat will they see?
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    Flint and Stone(possible dirt now) and Glass.
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    @Samkio if you are wanting another developer still i would be willing and love to do it greg here :p
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    @Samkio Might I ask what you're still looking for with art? I've played around with making texture packs in the past; certainly not a professional, but I'm not terrible.
  19. I could make you some textures :) Just ask me what, whenever you want.
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    Do you have any example of other things you've made? We could use more designers!
  21. I made a lot of custom items, a beggining of texture packs, and Textures for JukeBukkit plugin.
    Nade [​IMG] Capes: [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG] etc ... Special Strange Sword [​IMG]Food like Oreo [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] Candle [​IMG] and much moar ..

    A beggining of a 16*16 Texture Pack:

    And a failed try of a 32*32

    Requested textures for JukeBukkit:
    After that I made a lot of random things ...
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    @Samkio I can help dev, I'm fairly decent at programming however I cant make the dynamic blocks just yet:(.
    Also if you wanted me to I can be a builder. I'm pretty confident that I can make some of the trees that you wanted, just to clarify on that, you just want what the tree looks like and not it actually programmed into the game, right?
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    I believe he was referring to BO2 tree's so that they can be dropped into the World Genny easily enough. I don't think we have any BO2 tree's yet, so why not give it a go? See how they turn out and maybe we can use them =D
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    Wow this is looking awesome!
    If you need any more artists, I'd like to help.
    Here's a custom 64x64 weapon I made for my server. [​IMG]
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    BO2 is a .schmatic from WorldEdit that has been changed into a BO2 format, right?
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    I'm still in love with this... please tag me 1000000 times when there is a download for a release :)
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    It is. It has more data.

    ;) Oh... i will.
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    This is looking amazing! Can't wait! :D
    And I'm OK with photoshop, So if you need anything, lemme know ;)
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    @Samkio Can I help you with this? It looks really cool.
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