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Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by Samkio, Oct 23, 2011.

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    Greetings! I am currently working on my MoarStuph plugin, it is a plugin that adds tonnes of stuff to Minecraft, (new Ores/Trees/Crystals/Items/Blocks/Weapons/Food etc etc etc). There is a lot of stuff for one man to do and so i am opening it so other developers can join in. See below. (This uses the Spout API).

    But first here is what i have so far to get an idea on the project:
    Show Spoiler

    Tree Block the code is ready to implement trees i just have no good Tree Bo2's! xD

    Looking for:
    • Developers (Be them pro or new. Must have some Java knowledge however and may have used SpoutAPI.)
    • Artists - I'm doing all the art at the moment. Need someone to take over this. Must have a minecraft style however.
    • Builders - Going to add Custom Trees like Willow,Elm etc. I tried building them but they suck :/ Need good builders!
    If you are interested PM me or reply to this thread.

    Please Note: I will give out more infomation nearer to release! Stay tuned. :p
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    Looking good so far Samkio!
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    Going to keep tabs on this.

    I'll be experimenting with some artwork soon :p
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    Looks nice! =]
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    I hope you get all the Devs you are looking for! I really need to start learning java.
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    Seen it in-game, I love you Samkio!
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    You got me as a builder, after the 30th :)
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    I am far from an amazing builder, however I feel like I can build proper trees. If you still need a builder I'd love to [attempt to] help out!
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    Well some trees are better than no trees. :D
    If you wish to have a go these are the trees we need (at the moment).
    • WillowTree
    • OakTree (Big)
    • ElmTree
    • BeechTree
    • AshTree
    • MapleTree
    • DeadTree
    • PalmTree
    If you do decide to make one or all. Send them to me as a Bo2 file. :) (via PM).
    Please however make the log sponge and the leaves diamond ore.
    This will just make it easier when converting it to the new blocks.
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    Sounds good. I'll make a competition world for my staff, so you will have a variety to choose from.
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    Oh my! This is exciting :)

    I do have one question, since it is all though Spout, what will non-spout players see? Also, will all the blocks have the same hardness, etc.? I haven't looked if you can customize that yet.
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    Be the same as any other Spout plugin. It's highly dependent on Spout. Not sure if Samkio replicated some kind of blocks, if so, it will look like default blocks in-game. Refer to Spoutblocks

    Hardness will be similar to other minecraft blocks, I do believe.
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    Opaque blocks will be stone for players.
    Non-Opaque blocks will be glass for players.
    ItemStacks will be flint for players.
    Players as in non-spoutcraft players.
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    Beautiful! The Spout Guys + Spout Plugin Developers are like the gods of Bukkit.
    Hopefully the lighting situation in Spout will get fixed soon, so the crystals blend in with the dark etc.
    How about some glow-crystals, eventually leading to glow swords n stuff.
    Maybe some Stalacites and Stalagmites for caves, that can be destroyed to provide a sharp rock blade etc =)
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    I'd like to join the project,Im not new at java,you can say intermediate.I make plugins for server but i decided i'd give it a try to help others
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    Lots of ore variation art work getting done today. Day off of work is really swell some days :D
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    This looks promising! Keep up to good work guys, I'm really looking forward to seeing it done. I'm just a bit sad, that I can't code :( I really wished I could help.
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    Samkio.. You didn't tell me you were working on this =O
    And me being so stupid I never look at the bukkit forums..maybe i can help with the development.
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    That's pretty neat!
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    If you haven't seen it: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/150109-v16-xies-farming-mod-v14/
    My personal favorite from this mod are the fruit trees. Not because of fruit or anything fancy, just because walking down an avenue of fruit trees of different colors pleases my aesthetics. (Although I'd add cherry trees just to have cherry blossoms, too)

    Although having more food recipes isn't very useful mechanically, adding more kinds of crops to grow would definitely excite some of my players (who really like literal farming). With 1.9, they might be able to add some potion-like effects, though!

    Could even have a few plants that grow how vines do but drop useful stuff when harvested.
    Which means you now need poles and trellises to grow your plants along!
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    Anvils :p
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    You know how to make people hyped... kudos!
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    I made this just 4 u


    (Good Job!)
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    this mod looks very great. Will you add anything like the edge-blocks and slopes from KaevatorSuperSlopes mod?^^
    Would be... [diamond][diamond][diamond]
    Will we be able to activate or deactivate the blocks/items we want to use?
    I will download it immediately when you release a testversion :)
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    love it! :D

    Everthing will be customisable. ;)
    We are also thinking about adding slopes yes.
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    Great, I love you :D
    There are a lot of cool mods for Spout and I use Itemcraft only because of the Slopes mod, but Spout and IC are incompatible and so I decided for Spout... but I canĀ“t update my server without a mod like the Slopes, or my players will go mad :p. And the crystal blocks look great, too. They remind me to the old Lego Rock Raider crystals^^.
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