[WIP | MISC] HazordBounty v1.2 Bringing back the age of Bounty Hunting. [iConomy Support]

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    Hi Bukkit and the Bukkit Community. =) This is my first plugin that i am throwing out to the public.

    HazordBounty adds a brand new perspective to PvP. For people who has ever been killed by another player and wanted revenge. Now you can by just using this plugin. :)
    HazordBounty adds a public Bounty list to the server, making it possible for players to anonymously post a Bounty against their enemies for a money. Other players can take on the role of being a bountybounty hunter, to fulfill bounties and earn the reward.

    HazordBounty is a plugin originally developed for the public. :)

    Have Fun!

    • Become a Bounty Hunter and kill for your pay!
    • iConomy support! Earn money in game for completing the kill of a fugitive! Supports iConomy ONLY at the moment!
    • Anonymously create Bounties against your enemies!
    Ps: Yes, I do know that there is an already created Bounty plugin named HeroBounty. It is my favorite. ^_^ But since it hasn't been getting updated i thought i would give it a shot. :)

    More Information Coming Soon!


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    I am gloud someone fianly stepped into the shoes of Hero Bounty, this plugin has all of the features and more. it runs perfectly! You have a bright future ahead of you!
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