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Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by Kilorbine, Mar 16, 2015.

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    Hi :)

    I'm here to present you MineRPG

    I/ What is MineRPG
    MineRpg is a plugin that add an overlay on Minecraft.
    With this plugin, you will be able to gain xp, which will make you levelUp!

    Every time you win a level, you win a tocken that will allow you to choose a talent (Warrior, Enchantor,
    Alchemist, ...)
    I will stop there because I want to let a big part of surprise with futur upgrade!

    II/Set with an API
    The big point of mineRPG is that it will provide you an api that will allow you to do every thing you want!

    You want to add some quest?
    -their is a questbook!
    You want to make dungeon?
    -You can, you have healer, tank, ...

    You will be able to set the xp for level, xp given by mob, ...

    So for now it's only in alpha, but I promise you a lot of big adventure!

    Thank's for reading!
    Feel free to comment :)
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    I'm here to tell you that MineRPG has been upgrade to 0.2.5
    You are now able to chose your class : warior or mage.

    And, I have a question for you :

    What kind of speel could i give to the warior?
    It has been easy to do the mage, but i'e no idea for the warior :(

    Thx for the help :)
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