[WIP]--MinePointer--A laser-pointer for Minecraft

Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by Major_Derp, Dec 31, 2012.

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    Ever wanted to show someone that one large extremely obvious distant object? So you tell them, but for some odd reason they don't notice it. To bad you didn't have MinePointer, because then you could have POINTED it out to them!
    What MinePointer is, is basically a Laser-pointer for Minecraft. It can be used to point out something you want someone to see. It can even be used to mark a location from a distance that you want someone else to see.
    Features to be Implemented:
    • Toggle the pointer by clicking a specific block in hand
    • Config File for pointer block
    • Cats will Chase the pointer(Just as in real life!)(May be included In different version)
    • Permissions for the pointer use
    Features Already Implemented:
    • Pointer on/off commands
    • The pointer block is Glowstone
    • Pointer can't be broken
    • Pointer disappears on command toggle or player movement
    The Pointer fires on command, but disappears on player movement, there will be an Auto Version of this plugin released later that will point automatically, but that will be later after the initial release of this plugin. MinePointer is a great function to add to any server, and is a great command for players, or it is also a good command to give to Donators. This plugin Is still in the early stages of development, and I need a tester or two to help debug, and test the plugin. If you have any suggestions/comments please leave a comment or message me.
    --A Download link will soon be up in about a week--
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    Haha! Love it!
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