[WIP | MECH] UnCraft v0.2 - Uncraft tools and blocks! [1000]

Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by Crash, Aug 13, 2011.

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    Using this plugin will allow you to uncraft tools and items by placing the crafted item into a dispenser and powering it. It will dispense the ingredients used to craft the item.

    This will work with any item shaped or shapeless recipes.

    To use this plugin just place the jar in the plugins folder, put the item in the dispenser, and then power the dispenser and it will shoot your items out.

    valuable-items are a list of IDs that will be cut by the durability, the blocked-items are a list of items that can't be uncrafted. If you put in valuable-items, a portion of the items will be cut based on the durability of the item. Only an item that has never been used will return the full amount.


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    God, that's amazing. Thanks so much, man.
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    I like this idea, nice thinking!

    Just as a heads up, I can forsee issues with people uncrafting a tool with barely any durability left, just to refresh it. Might want to add some durability checks and distribute the appropriate amount back to the player.
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    Or below a certain durability it doesn't work. It's hard to know what to distribute based on durability because how do you choose what to throw away
    Possibly the tool must have full durability or just about full durability to work
  5. This would be really interesting on a PvP server if you could get it to dispense the appropriate amount of ingots depending on the durability. On our server people have tonnes of Iron/Diamond armour sets that are half durability but cause a disadvantage on the battlefield if used. Is it possible? :)
    Still pretty awesome either way. I suggested something similar to McMMO a while back. 'Savaging' skill.
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    That works too.
    I just wanted to make sure you were aware of it before people started posting errors/feedback.
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    I suppose I could dispense the normal amount of normal materials but give back a reduced amount of valuables (ex diamonds / iron / etc) based on durability.
  8. Lets get married. xD
    Sounds awesome, will be installed.
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    Ok v0.2 is out, I added a config file with items that won't be able to be uncrafted and ingredients that will be able to be reduced based on the durability.
    I'm still open to suggestions
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    I love this idea :)

    What do you say to adding permissions? Or having to set the dispenser as an "Uncrafter" I don't want every dispenser in my server doing that... I want like a couple defined areas for people to uncraft their items.
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    Sure I could add that in.
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    Just a question -- how would things like planks work? Couldn't it cause some major internal errors if you put in just 1 plank and powered the dispenser?
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    Why would that cause a server error
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    1 Plank == 1/4 Log. Would it just dispense the plank? I would think it would cause an error, because it can't give you 1/4 a log.
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    I just realized that, it doesn't cause a server error it just gives you the log as if you had 4 planks. I just added a check for the correct amount and I'm going to update to v0.3 soon
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    Oh -- well good thing I pointed that out xD

    By the way, my plugin AnnouncemenTNT that you helped with is finished -- I already made the post but I'm going to edit it and give you credit :D
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    Any news on v0.3?
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    v0.3 is out now I added on a few things including making uncrafters.
    Just put a sign up against a dispenser with the first line being "[UnCrafter]" and it should say you successfully made one.
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    It would be great if someone updated this to the latest CraftBukkit version. :D
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    A suggestion: Signify UnCraft dispensers by having a sign above it with [UnCraft] on it.
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    It looks an awesome plug-in.. ( My friend searched for one and get me on this one ) But the problem is that I can't download it, It says ''Error'' when I click on the ''Download'' button, could you fix it so I can use your plugin? Thanks. -Barshou
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