[WIP|MECH|ECON] Showcase 2 [1337]

Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by narrowtux, Oct 22, 2011.

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    This looks great :D
    Maybe you could add support for Towny later (so you can only make shops in plots with the "shop" flag)?
    I'll test it and tell you if I have found any bugs.
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    does this work with 1.2.5?
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  4. Download link? :D
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    I was hoping for something like this! I have been using the origional showcase (which works fine for me as long as I reload it periodically) but when the showcase fourm post dissapeared from the plugin list, I was worried that the plugin had been abandoned. I stumbled across this when trying to update NarrowTuxLib and was relieved. I recommend you replace the old post with a message about the re-write so that people know that the plugin will be back. Also, could you add a system to move showcases from showcase to showcase 2 so that my users don't have to rebuild shops and lose items? [cake] for you, good sir!
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    Hi, try putting the Showcase 2 as an option to display items?
  7. DownLoad Link? o_o
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    Cosmin Tanislav

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    Cosmin Tanislav

    Dead plugin :( and narrowtux sad that he will keep the development :(
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    cant download your showcase 2. cool tat seb95b half fixed your showcase 1, n i just replace seb95b NarrowtuxLib-1.2.5 with your NarrowtuxLib and it worked, lol, n i forgot how to use it too, XDXDXDDD ROFL

    used browsers: chrome, safari, iexplorer, firefox
    keeps giving %202 bc of the space...but the Introducing Showcase 2 works and it gave me that %202 in the address bar.

    should gave the file the "_" e.q. "showcase_2.jar" or somthing out of http://ci.getspout.org/job/Showcase 2 and me think ur missing the ending so i went in the add bar and add ".jar" to it but failed
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