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Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by narrowtux, Oct 22, 2011.

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    When do you think this will have R1 support?
    I was forced to turn off SC1 because it'll lags the hell out of my server, and fills my console with errors.
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    Plugin Dead ?
  3. Hi I have an iConomy server which works based on everybody buying everything and no block can be broken.Is good fun however here is my issue members in the server can purchase houses however I need to manually remove the amount from their bank account however this is an awkward method of doing it as they are also requesting the ability to purchase shops. The reason for this message is the fact that your infite showcases do not give the money to the player could you please please add a config file which will allow me to change this. I would like it so that I can link it so for example it asks you what type Infinite so on then how much and then what player to link it to if left empty it should default to the player that is creating the showcase.

    Hope this is still relevant as somebody redirected me here i posted this on showcase 1 i suggest bringing glass block as well as half slabs black as glass blocks looked good for Armour
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    Please update for 1.0/1.1 :)
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    Sadly, I think this plugin is dead. This actually killed my server, no one wants to play an old version of Minecraft.
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    Idk, narrowtux was online 2 days ago. its hard to say.
  9. does this work in R4? i tried the ordinary Showcase plugin and it bugged A LOT. All the items were infinite on ground , people were able to pick them up without buying lol..
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    Showcase 1 has been updated for 1.1R3/4
  11. it has? omg thats awesome. Hopefully it works now LOL
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    So far, yes, very much so! My only issue with it is that the way it replaces the missing block after breaking a double slab may allow for free slabs... unless it takes from the inventory, which i havent checked yet.
  13. so it still IS buggy :(


    the items i put in showcase, still JUMPS A LOT . This is what im afraid coz after this part they started to fall out of the plugin sell spot lol so people could catch the items free
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    see, people keep saying that and i never get that.

  15. See? they jump! DONT FLOAT :D

    atleast they havent bugged out now, ppl can buy and they dont spawn infinite items for ppl :D
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    Booo! lol But i know what you mean. i HAVE had it happen, but only like once or twice when i was testing some older versions of NoLagg. Server almost lagged out when it started spewing items everywhere. (we have alot of shops)
  17. i did not type "This video contains content from WMG etc.." :D and u must look it then at youtube not here ^^

    I just removed NoLagg plugin coz it started to show me error, no idea WHY. So far i havent heard if this plugin bugs or not. I just hate that the items keep jumping like that lol
  18. Dont know about you but my friends cant freaking use it, im the only 1 who CAN use the shops... nothing happens when ppl hit.
    Yes my players have Showcase.buy.infinite <-- permission (using bPermissions)
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    Our server dosen't use any economy plugins but we still find showcase useful, an infinite exchange would be helpful which seems to be the only thing that was missing in showcase 1.

    I don't know if it's been suggested already but if there was something along the lines of ''Give x of item then wait x seconds to give again to that player'' it would be really useful for giving out items to players at spawn
  20. what kind of permissions ur server has? coz my server, the players cannot use the shops. I can create & use them, they work just fine for me (im an admin) but when normal player who has showcase.buy.infinite and finite perm nodes they get nothing when hitting the shop slap. Its sttrangeee..
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    the only modes that will work without economy are normal, tutorial, and exchange.

    so basically you've got 3 options with it
    a display
    a display with text
    and the ability to trade objects for other objects (although i've had problems with the ratio screen not showing up properly)

    if you want an unlimited exchange you've got to use the regular exchange and just stock it with a lot of whatever item it is
  22. I was asking WHAT permission plugin u use?
    I have iConomy 6 (or what ever is the newest) and it DOES work all the other ways but normal players CANNOT BUY from the shops i dont know why, they hit the shop block and they dont get any message what they should get. I get all messages etc. but dont know why they cant :(
  23. Dont know about you but my friends cant freaking use it, im the only 1 who CAN use the shops... nothing happens when ppl hit.
    Yes my players have Showcase.buy.infinite <-- permission (using bPermissions)
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    I would like to see the ability to sell items in 'stacks' instead of just per item. So, for example, if you made a dirt showcase. When I create it, It will ask
    "Please Enter Stack Size"
    I enter lets say 64
    "Please Enter Price of 64 Dirt
    I enter 1

    Now, When someone goes to buy dirt they can only buy a 64 minimum.
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    Will you be able to sell? If I set up a shop, I want it to be sell only. So if I say place a gold nugget into the thing, people can only sell that item to the shop. I'm not sure if sell is available in the others. I tried to do it on my server but nothing happened.
  26. I was just wondering, do you think it will be possible to make showcases on the new slabs in MC 1.2? Or is there no way to tell yet?
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    I agree with Larrivee013 1.2.3 for sure! I didn't even think of that
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    Bump! i want to know if this will be compatible with 1.2.3 because now, we can't sell anything! And i don't want one those crappy chest selling plugins. I want this! :D
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    I guess I could try my hand at updating the listeners, but other than that I dont know what else might be broken, I will keep you updated.

    Darn it uses register, and that is broken... I would port it to vault but I just dont know enough... might be time to give up after 45 min...

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