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Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by Lionhard, Jan 23, 2014.

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  1. Greetings dear Bukkit community!

    I have been working already a while on my plugin, called McRoleplay and now I want to present it!

    So, what is this "McRoleplay"?
    McRoleplay is a RPG plugin which aims to add some main aspects of RPGs to your server. With it's many configurations you can redesign it how you want to fit your needs. Ever wanted to have a more customizable in-game character? What about increasing your health as your progress grows? You know those games where you gain XP, level up, get character points / skill points and assign them to your character? Have you ever waited for a plugin which adds something of that? Well, then McRoleplay is exactly what you are looking for!

    • Levelling System
      - Experience from killing mobs / players. (Different experience then the one minecraft has.)
      - Rewards on levelups.
      - Attribute points on levelups.
      - Skill points on levelups.
      - Fireworks and sound-effects will play on each levelup. Can be configured and / or disabled.
    • Mana
      - Used to cast spells.
      - Regenerates.
      - Mana Cap can be increased by spending attribute points on mana.
      - Some spells / potions can temporarily increase your maximal amount of mana!
    • Stamina
      - Used to sprint.
      - If you sprint, stamina goes down and if it reaches 0 you won't be able to sprint until it regenerates.
      - Regenerates.
    • Energy
      - Energy goes down from time to time, doesn't matter what you do and does not automatically regenerate.
      - Sleep to regenerate energy.
      - If energy goes too low, you won't be able to sprint or various effects may appear.
    • New health system.
      - Starting health can be lowered / increased in the config, by default this is 2 hearts.
      - Health can be increased by spending attribute points on health.
      - Some spells / potions can temporarily increase your maximal amount of hearts!
    • Spells.
      - Spells have to be learned.
      - Cost mana per use.
      - Spells can be "levelled" and get stronger. (Take more damage, decrease mana cost, etc.)
    • Scrolls.
      - This is the same as spells, but are stronger and are only a one-time use items.
    • Spellbook.
      - You can view there all your learned spells.
    • Bars.
      - Those are boss-bars which appears on the top of the screen. They show your XP & Level, Mana, Energy and Stamina.
    • Item Stats.
      - You can better your weapons / armors and then they give you various extras like more damage or even fire / posion damage, more health, more defense and so on.
      - Item tiers. There are common items, rare items, legendary items and so on.
      - Levelled items. Those items can be only used when a certain level is reached.
    • Guilds. (OPTIONAL)
      - Players can create their own guilds and manage them!
      - Those guilds give various extras, like shared xp if the guild members are in a certain range and so on.
      - Management. You can buy slots to have more members, increase the health of all members, more shared xp and much more!
    • GUIs
      - Admin Panel to easily manage your players and give them mana, xp, stamina, ... You can also use it to kick and ban your players!
      - User Menu to easily check your stats, attribute points left, get the spell book if lost, get the stats book if lost, open the character menu.
      - Character menu to manage your character. (Set your attribute points and, and, and ...)
    • Stats books
      - Gives various informations about you like xp, mana, level, stamina, energy + killed mobs, walked blocks and this stuff.
    • HIGHLY customizable to fit your needs!
    • Permissions support. ;)
    Public pre-alpha testing server
    We are preparing a pre-alpha testing server for you guys to test some of the plugins already implemented features! Stay tuned!

    More informations at our DBO page!

    I hope you like our idea and that I will see you soon on the servers!
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    Lionhard Would love to help test (and debug features :p)
  3. xTigerRebornx Thanks for your interest! We currently have 2 testers and 1 already PMed me before you, but if you have steam we might recruit you too. :D You could play with us on our server when we will making a youtube video, as we need some players. ;)
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    Lionhard I have both Steam and Skype, if you want it, I can PM it to you :p
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    Lionhard I could help test if you'd like xP seems pretty cool!
  6. Cryices Cool, sure! I will PM you.
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    Lionhard This plugin sounds good. I would love to test it if needed! :p
  8. dkfredebang Thank you. ;) And sure, I will contact you when the next tests will be needed. :D
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    I want this so bad but is it able to be used with MCPC+? I am running a RPG server based off the Dot Hack game and anime series and we use MCPC+ as it offers forge mods and bukkit plugins. The only thing I'm worried about is the plugin working with our custom weapons and custom monsters made with the CustomNPCs mod. If you can let me know, that would be awesome! Really looking forward this but also will it be able to be used on 1.6.4? (I'm waiting for mods to update so I can update my server to 1.7.4)
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    I would love to test too, seems to be very interesting :D
    A RPG plugin that every server needs
  11. Sorry for late reply everyone,

    Jerry99666 You gotcalready answered on the plugins page ^_^

    wydgabriel Feel free to add me on steam (lionhard98) or I will just PM you when a tester is needed.


    The plugin goes through a complete recode of how it was in alpha stage, to try to go around futurs bugs or hard implementation of new features.
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