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    What is MCParty?
    MCParty is the collection of plugins that have been in creation for the past 6 months, At the moment it is more of a library for developers - That being said, it is also a full server and (While buggy) is viewable at http://mcparty.co
    MCParty currently comprises of the following plugins (All custom):
    The core is required by all other plugins, it enables the inter-plugin connectivity between all MCParty plugins by registering with the core and extending the MCPartyManager.
    Used to define areas. Simple and efficient, it allows developers to execute actions when someone enters, leaves and stays in the area.​
    This is used to add features to any bungeecord server - It is coupled with a bungeecord plugin and allows a server to act as a rescue server, if any one of the servers should crash with this plugin enabled, the BungeeManager will kick in and prevent anyone from disconnecting by routing them to another server.​
    A full chat managing plugin, overrides the way chat works by enabling "ChatChannels". Each player can listen to chat channels and speak in chat channels given the right permissions. Why is this useful? Using my Minigame server, I am able to set peoples ChatChannel to the Minigame channel, allowing them to only speak between each-other, giving a visual indicator, when they become spectators I am once again able to stop them from talking in the Minigame Channel. ​
    Other features:​
    ProximityChatChannels - Have 1 huge world? Set a distance for people to talk in!​
    GlobalChatChannels - Allow people to talk to everyone!​
    HiddenChatChannel - A chat channel that will not be visible in the list of available channels (Useful for OP or Ranked channels)​
    Using JSON we (Me and Spero78) have developed a system that will allow plugin to send data to a WebServer. You can see currently running at: http://mcparty.co On every page you will notice a chat box that is synced with the server, This chat is coming from and going to the Minecraft server at play.mcparty.co.​
    Everything is Instant! ​
    You purchase a Pet, it appears next to you. You enable a spell and your next spell cast will be said spell!​
    This plugin enables a few custom visuals, it includes but is not limited to:​
    Giant Person Creator - Using only someones username, the server will create... Out of blocks, the person! In my Minigame plugin, we have the weeks leader displayed on a huge pedestal that changes as soon as a new leader is set!​
    Celebration, Spells, Trails Builder - Using the Java Builder Pattern, you are able to set custom particles for each of these, On our Empires server, we are going to allow players to create their very own custom spells using the WebManager that will appear instantly using this builder pattern.​
    Sound Systems - Integrated into the spells, trails and celebrations, the sound system allows sounds to be played with given offsets, a delayed impact perhaps? A constant, custom created sound for your custom dungeon anyone? All possible with the WebManager and VisualManager's integration.​
    MCPartyEmpireManager (WIP)
    One of the bigger plugins in this list.​
    The Empire manager is currently still a work in progress but we'd like to show off a few features and explain what it is currently capable of doing.​
    Empires is a custom factions type plugin (I hate saying this, it will be so much more than factions) Players are able to buy plots of land and when they have 4 plots in a cluster, they are able to create an Empire.​
    The real art is in the customization of permissions and rendering of the players custom map online and, using the visuals manager, players are able to easily visualize their empire via the particles that are sent to each player.​
    TODO - Write about 4 more plugins we've written and add pictures! :)
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    I love you. Thank you kind sir.
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    Is this not a mini games API? Idk, I read this late last night.
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    Oh right, yeah, I have to write that part yet :p
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    Is the server going to open again? I would love to check it out :D
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    I really hope so this server was so much fun.
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