[WIP] MCPanelStore, not released .Who would be interested ?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by ryanshawty, Aug 22, 2011.

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    So far I have been working on a panel that will manage a lot of features a good community wants. This was initially created for the LostCraft community, but I decided to expand it and add a lot of features.

    So far it features:
    - Membership management, i.e. pay $20 + $5/month - all automatic
    - Credit system - buy credits via PayPal
    - Item system - buy with credits
    - Admin system - manage your memberships and servers
    - Compatible with as many servers as you want.

    Pricing, this system is going to be licensed priced, initial ideas are $5/month for 1 license, but if there is server host who want to get this for their clients, we would offer bulk pricing (that is, if anyone interested)

    Early version found here: www.lostcraft.net/store

    Research as not found any sort of system that gives all these features.
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    so you pay real money and via a plugin you get in-game benefits?
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    This done on your server or can it be local? Also, script types used?
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    Bascically, yes.

    It isn't ran from the minecraft servers, it as to run on a webserver. Coding languages used: PHP/HTML/CSS/Javascipt/MySQL
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    Could you share the method you used for tracking paypal payments? I've been looking for one for a "Buy Now" button but I was never able to figure out how to, say on buy, trigger a server action such as adding an item to their inventory.
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    A quick Google search turns up the code needed, search for PayPal IPN class. A good knowledge of PHP is needed to tweak it though.
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    Oh don't worry about that :)
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    Who would be interested in us hosting the site for you ? We manage all the installation etc, the installation will of course be instant.
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    Cost? Bandwidth? Apache, Mysql, and PHP versions?
  10. Looks promising

    Check out my plugin for what you requested with buying items via paypal IPN. Plugin link in my sig.
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    Undecided on cost, and the other information is not applicable.
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  13. Good plugin but your kinda re-inventing the wheel.
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    It isn't a plugin, and how is it re-inventing the wheel? There is no such 'tool' that can do this.
  15. Yea you are correct in one way, but alot of times users will prefer plugins than having the hassle of setting up webhosts, cause lets face it, alot of people who run minecraft servers dont know how to do things like that.
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    We host the panel now, no setup needed. We automate everything. So you are insulting alot of people who run Minecraft servers, and it's probably more difficult to setup a Minecraft server than a web server like Apache.
  17. How am I insulting alot of minecraft server owners? Lets not turn this into an argument...

    I never said anything about the majority of owners not being able to setup webhosts, but please remind yourself that the bukkit community are going to be alot more advanced than the average joe who runs a server. And to be honest, setting up your own installation of apache, php, mysql, and all the other goodies is not an easy task for a beginner, unless they install xammp (What is not advised as its a development package)
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    Non of this matters anyway as we host the site, yes, the apache, mysql server etc... So it doesn't need any setup form the client.
  19. Ah i see, well good luck with the plugin, either way its a good idea :)
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    Woah i think this is what i need does it put people in permission groups once they donate XD ?
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    definately would use
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    Sounds like a good idea, if you need any help PM me your Skype or something.
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    I'd be very interested if you would allow it for offline mode as well.
    Thats the reason I chose not to use lmc's plugin.
  24. Offline mode is coming today
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    Stick to your own topic not mine.

    Yes, but you need to use GroupManager, I plan to fnish the final touches today.

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  26. I know, Im just watching this thread as its simular.
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    This service will go live tomorrow.
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    As I said, I'm willing to help, let me know.

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    tha d0ctor

    I dunno installing apache and php is a lot more difficult than a minecraft server
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    Of course it isn't, on linux (CentOS) you type yum install apache mysql mysql-server php php-mysql -y

    Complete web server installed.
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