[WIP] MCBukkit Admin, The General plugin With more![1000] Added source! so far.

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    MCBukkit Admin (made by killie01).
    This plugin is just a 'normal' general plugin, but it has some neat features

    we are looking for plugin developers to join our team

    • Systems:
      • it's very own Admin system, Admins on this system have a (configurable) prefix and have acces to all commands, except settings admins on the system
        • /mca admin set <player> <true/false>
        • /mca admin check <player>
      • Permissions support:
        • SuperPerms
        • Permissions
        • PermissionsEx
        • Protection System
        • Simple, no regions!
    • Player Management:
      • /item <item>[:data] <amount> [player]
        • give you or [player] the given amount of <item>
      • /ban <player> [reason] [message] (message will be sent on next login)
        • ban <player> with optional [reason] and login [message]
      • /unban<player> [message] (message will be sent on next login)
        • unban<player> with optional [reason] and login [message]
      • /kick <player> [reason] [message] (message will be sent on next login)
        • kick<player> with optional [reason] and login [message]
      • /searchinv <item>[:data] <player>
        • search inventory of <player> for <item> with datavalue support (e.g. colored wool)
      • /tp <player> [toplayer]
        • with [toplayer] : teleport <player> to [toplayer]
        • without [toplayer] : teleport you to <player>
      • /tphere <player>
        • teleport <player> to you (up to 10 players!)
      • /kill <player>
        • kill <player> (up to 10 players!)
      • /heal [player]
        • heal yourself or [player]
      • /suicide
        • kill yourself
      • /strike <player>
        • strike <player> with lightning
    • World Management:
      • /time <day/night>
        • set time to day or night
      • /time set <0 - 24000>
        • set time to given value (o = morning)
      • /weather <sun/rain/storm>
        • set the weather
    • Other:
      • /boom
        • let an explosion happen at the block you point at
      • /help
        • clean help menu
    More features are up to you guys!

    Download: not released
    Source: Here

    Permissions (open)

    • none yet

    Changelog (open)

    • Nothing released yet

    Credits (open)

    • Main development: killie01
    • More developers wanted!

    Source now setup!

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    Nice Plugin. It resembles Essentials to me but still a very nice plugin. I cant wait for it to be Released because i will try it out.
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    it resembles essentials and commandbook and such, cuz its also a general plugin, only essentials will always have more features until i get more experience or some developers for the team
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    Ok. As soon as I release My Plugin and Fix Major Bugs ill help you. I know Basic Java BASIC not ADVANCED.​
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