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What New Features Do You Want?

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  1. Redstone Repeater/Note Block/Jukebox Logging

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  2. Extreme Player Logging

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  3. Web Interface For Rollback

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  4. Rollbacks

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    LogMeh Is A Block Logging System, That Can Log Almost ALL Blocks. There Are A Few Settings For LogMeh, Such As:
    • Block Logging
    • Player Logging (Location Logging Every 60 Seconds)
    • Extreme Player Logging (Only In Extreme Mode, Logs ALL Player Moves. Every Second) (WIP Feature)
    • Redstone Repeater/Note Block/Jukebox Logging (WIP Feature)
    • And More Coming!
    • *UPDATE* Adding A SpaceBukkit Addon So You Can Control LogMeh From SpaceBukkit!
    • MySQL/SQLite (More Coming)
    • LogMeh Bukkit Plugin

    LogMeh Will Be Free, But You May Need To Pay For MySQL. You Can Get Free MySQL From 000webhost.com

    LogMeh Is Not Finished Yet!

    The Team:
    I Need Some Help! I Need A Java Programmer That Can Help Me Set Up The SQL! PM Me If You Want To Help.

    Current Status:
    Working On The Plugin, Need People To Help!
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    To you too!
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    Daniel Heppner

    You're an idiot because you don't understand codename's "...".
    Are you really this much of a failure that you can't even look around and notice that there's at least 200 other plugins that do the exact same thing.
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    Dont bump its against the rules and may I also rephrase Codename_B's quote.. WTF IS THIS??? and WHY?

    Also before you scrap this idea dont forget no one is saying dont create it by all means do so you learn but don't post it as a plugin dont make me link you the huge argument which nijikokun started :p

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    Daniel Heppner

    Yes, by all means, do it. But if you release it, you'll get trolled so much that you'll want to leave for good.
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    I don't really give a s**t. I'm releasing it. I have 1 class to finish. I'm not going to abandon a project 97% away from finishing. And I realize that there are other plugins.
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    Daniel Heppner

    That's so pointless. There are other logging plugins 10 times better than yours (no offence) and you really expect yours to add to the community? No, it won't, it'll clutter it. It makes it harder for us server admins to find plugins we actually want.
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    ^ Agreed

    Why not finish it then take what you've learned and apply that to something useful!
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    Ah, Good Old Formal Case. My Eyes Are Bleeding.
  12. Oh.man..Again..(YUCK)
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    Have no fear, Mr. Kohle is here :)

    Okay, to the plugin developer:
    Congrats on making a plugin that is more advanced then a lot of plugins around here. However, don't let the other posts get to you. Yes, there is 6 million other plugins like this, but maybe some admins would want to use this; I don't know.

    To the people dissing this:
    Congrats on bumping this thread! Also, way to make a new person feel welcome to this community. I know my plugin isn't all that great, I just thought it was funny ;) So I released it. I guess I'm lucky to not have been trolled for it. I know I would have left.

    Don't let those haters get to you. Also, kudos for the 'Meh' in the title :)
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    Link me.
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    Did you just bump your own thread from like a year ago? :confused:
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    Yes such as my logging plugin the Holy Grail of logging plugins! But yeah there are lots of logging plugins.
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    I highly advise against this. And why necromance this thread to life?
    Reasons to avoid this idea:
    1: There are plenty of logging out there.
    2: The feature that logs every secound. Yeah, that would just spamspamspam your console up, and possibly creating lag if 10+ players are on.
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