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Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by Tomaz, Dec 6, 2011.

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    LittleBigPlugin - a Little, But Big plugin!

    Version: v0.2

    Everything you need for you're server.

    • Skills - 70% - Adding the Skills - Taking Suggestions!
    • Economy - Not Started - Taking Suggestions!
    • Chat-Management - in-progress - 10% - Taking Suggestions
    • WorldEditing - Inprogress - 30% - Taking Suggestions
    • Multiworlds - Finished - Taking Suggestions!
    • NPC- Not Started - Taking Suggestions

      The Team:
    • @Lolmewn (Legend) - he's the one that came up with the idea.
    • @Stelar (Legend) - he's the one that Helped Lots Lolmewn with coding, from the start.
    • @psychowithspn (Almost a Legend) - He joined us on the project a few days ago, HELPED LOTS!
    • @Darkman2412 (EPIC CODER) - He is a Hardcore coder, helps us alot :)

    • Screenshots (open)
      [​IMG] Skills Screenshot
    • Skill (open)
      Empty atm, i need sleep
    • Chat-Manager (open)

      [*]What is the Chat System supposed to deliver Colors to your server, make it all look formatted & pretty. it will also have some nifty features such as Word Censoring, and Channels.
      What is Channels? Channels are pretty much differrent Chat Boxes. if you don't understand, let me compare it to skype.
      for example, Bob & Alice & Derp have a private Channel. and Bob & Alice want to talk things to each other that they don't want Derp to hear. so Alice types out the command /ch create <name> <public/private> <password>.
      Now that she created the new channel, she's the only one in it. now she invites Bob, by typing the command /invite <user> <channel>.
      once she has done that Bob is added to the conversation and everyone in the conversation willknow that Bob was added, because they will recieve a private message saying, Bob was Added to this <channel>. Now if you have multiple Channels running you can easilychange channel by typing /change <channel>. Now if the Channel Type was set to Public, anyone with the Name can join. now, every channel will be logged into a simple .txt file. But try to keep the channels small, because they can easily become big and set your hard drive full with txts. in the configuration you will be able to limit the conversations per user. for example, a user can only have 5 Started channels, and can only be in 5 Channels at the same time. Word censoring is most likely going to be configurable, we'll probably do so that Capitalizion doesn't matter And when someone Spams & Swears too much, they get kicked & then Temporairly or Permanently Banned. anyways, this is just something i thought out over time. i'm not sure if this isactually all going to happen, but i'll see! Atleast i'll do my best to keep the Team motivated

      Block Logger (open)
      Temporary idea, not sure if this will be in!

    Version 0.1
    • Version 0.0 - Not Released Yet.
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    Lolmewn Retired Staff

    Oh nice, I'm a legend :)
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    Lolmewn Retired Staff

    You should make the styling a bit better though..
    this looks messy
    Also: Placeholder!
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    The ugliest thread I have ever opened for me eyes to gaze upon. Please fix. :3

    In other news:
    When I first saw this i was like:
    (Being the biggest LBP fan there is...).
    After finding out it had nothing to do with LBP i was like this:
    After reading some more i was like:
    Looks cool, i wish you the best of luck in the project!
    Do you plan on adding Spout Integration?

    There were images. But they failed. -.-
    Teh pictures are back. (Hopefully).
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    @Samkio I find that post VERY ironic due to the size of the pictures...
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    Justify Left! JUSTIFY LEEEEFT!
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    I'm very lazy to edit it out :p i had made it in Notepad++. but today i will FIGHT Teh Challenge to Re-edit the post

    Pictures, are going to come. don't worry.

    You didn't know that? oh dear.

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    Lolmewn Retired Staff

    About that spout you were talking about..
    of course why not
    And also,
    really cool custom-made sounds
    So ye, that'll be cool!

    Screen shot time!
    View attachment 7525

    Another one (Archery)
    View attachment 7526

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    i've improved the post by a bit. it's just standard atm.
    EDIT: Going to sleep NAO, EDIT TOMOZ MOAR. Cus it's friday.
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    Yay :D

    And looks good, :p
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    Thanks, going to edit a bit more nao. :) came back from school

    Wrote a whole new thing, Chrome decided to stop working -_-

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