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Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by Ugleh, Oct 30, 2013.

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    Multi arena minigame framework idea with sign support. Here is my basic idea so far

    Zawng Minigame Framework.
    Zawng settings
    Arena arena = zawng.registerArena("Arena A") //All Arenas (and settings) Save to file, loads with onEnable
    zawng.removeArena(arena.getName()) //Deletes Arena, and settings in file
    arena.addFlag(Flag.DESTORYABLE) //Destoryable will issue loadCuboid on its own after game restart.
    //With this flag you also need to setCuboid.
    arena.addFlag(Flag.PVP) //Automaticcly issues playerLoss when a player dies.
    arena.addFlag(Flag.LMS) //Last Man Standing, will issue playerWon for last one in the game.
    zawng.giveWand() // For setting the cuboid corners.
    arena.setCuboid(Location corner1, Location corner2) //Cuboid to save to schematic for reloading.
    arena.loadCuboid() //Loads the schematic
    arena.setSpawnBehavior(SpawnBehavior.RANDOM) // RANDOM, ORDER, SHUFFLE (Shuffle is Random without repeating)
    arena.setLobbyType(LobbyType.LOCATION) //LOCATION, QUEUE (Queue is teleported location)
    arena.setLobbySpawnBehavior(SpawnBehavior.RANDOM) // RANDOM, ORDER, SHUFFLE
    arena.joinLobby(Player player, String message)
    arena.leaveLobby(Player player, String message)
    arena.playerLoss(Player player, String message)
    arena.playerWon(Player player, String message)
    arena.broadcastMessage("Hello") //Only to Arena Players
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  3. So what if it still exists? Don't let anything stand in the way of your dreams. Try and make something that offers more than Battle Arena. I personally find the plugin itself very annoying and many of my users hated it because it would say their names were halfway across the map yet the player was right in front of them.

    Good luck with your project :)
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    Reach for the stars and far beyond - Even if someone has been to the moon.
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    You should get a better name :)
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    Looks cool, I'm looking forward to it. I think I would name it GameLib or something like that.
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