[WIP] Kill Streaks - Friendly has Juggernaut!

Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by javoris767, Dec 11, 2011.

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    Kill Streaks
    Friendly has Juggernaut!
    Hey, javoris767 here with a great plugin. I am a huge COD fan and whats better then minecraft and call of duty together :). This is you kill someone it saves your all your kills and highest kill streaks. I need some ideas and I may add It into the plugin.

    /ks help
    /ks streaks
    /ks barracks
    /ks set <streakaname> max 3

    Defaults to OP

    Kill Streak on/off toggle
    More streaks
    Custom map and Spawn points?
    Xp system?
    Barracks - Highest kill streak, deaths, kills, etc
    More ideas?

    Current Streaks:
    Ballistic Vests - 3 kills - Less entity damage.
    Precision Airstrike - 5 kills - 8 tnt blocks fall from the sky ( where you point ).
    Juggernaut - 7 kills - Less entity damage and Do more damage.
    Idea? - 9 kills
    Attack Dogs - 11 kills - Spawns you 3 pet dogs.
    Tactical Nuke - 25 kills - 20 tnt blocks fall from the sky doing no damage to your

    Extreme Conditioning - 3 kills - Longer Sprint.
    Blast Shield - 5 kills - Less damage when hit with explosives.

    Wanna help with the project PM me
    or skype me "javoris767"!
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    From a non COD viewpoint, i think it would be hilarious to have a serial killer kinda plugin relating to killstreaks. Maybe the player gets additional defense built in. Or on Spout there is a Skull above his head so he has to PVP anywhere till he dies. Just a strain of thought.
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    What about the specialist strike package? You could implement them via potion effects. Extreme Conditioning could be longer sprint, Blast Shield could nerf TNT damage.
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    Would love to get achievements.
    • A PVP achievements page - Contains different achievements for your character, relating directly to the different inventive ways of killing a player.
    For example:​
    Beating Meat - Kill a player with a raw piece of meat.​
    The Little Push - Kill a player by hitting them off a cliff.​
    The Smack Down - Kill a player while you are still in the air.​
    Ultra Kill - Kill streak of 5.​
    And so on..​

    The rewards for PvP should be able to be turned on/off.
    • A nice feature would be areas that the Pvp rewards/benefits were able to be turned on and off. For example in specific world guard regions or specific worlds the PVP rewards that are on. Everywhere else the benefits of killing are not active.
    Use the sound effects from Quake!
    • Using spout you can link events to sound effects. I would like to play and PVP two people in quick succession and get the sound "DOUBLE KILL". So based on Quake kill structure.
    • An GUI scoreboard. Big ask I know, but spout GUI's are becoming more common. Just a nice to have.

    For the above I know that they can be achieved. This next one however I am not sure how you would implement without a lot of effort but it would make this plugin something spectacular.

    Territory Kills:
    Included in your PvP kill is players that are killed on your protected areas. These protected areas would include plugins Towny, World Guard, Regions. the player of that region could make traps on their land. If another Player attempts to enter your land and dies in a trap the owner of the land should be accredited the kills.​
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    This is AWESOME!
    Great for a php server!
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    :O I agree. Different types of killstreaks packages would be sick like in MW3.
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    Thank you for your support. I will officially begin this project once I get my new computer on Christmas :).
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    This looks like a great project, but a little arduous to do. I could help you with the streaks.
  9. Developer API allowing custom killstreaks to be made? :D
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    Now working on barracks ( MYSQL - Need to know how to set it up :) )

    Officially started the project. Track my progress here. https://github.com/javoris767/KillStreaks/

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    How much longer lol
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