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    SignPrintf - Formatting syntax for signs:
    Version: B0.0.1

    Gives signs a formatting syntax vaguely similar to C's printf function. In other words, a one-letter code with a % prefix.

    This plugin is based on SignPrintf v1.42 for hMod by STJrInuyasha. STJrInuyasha has specified that they had plans on porting their plugins to Bukkit, but that was January 17, 2011.


    • Sign formatting syntax
    • When a SignPrintf sign is right-clicked on, while holding a feather, information of the sign is displayed.
    update-time    How often the server updates the signs, in milliseconds. Default: 500
    • /signhelp [page] - Display help and formatting codes.
    • /waypoints [-a|player] - Shows your waypoints. -a shows all waypoints in use. Specifing a player's name shows that player's waypoints. (-a/username usage depends on player's permission)
    • /signwarp <waypoint> - Teleport to a sign waypoint.
    signprintf                  Gives access to all SignPrintf permissions.
    signprintf.listwaypoints    Allow the player to list all waypoints, or waypoints created by a player.
    signprintf.createwarp       Allow the player to create warp and waypoint signs. (%#w and %#W)
    signprintf.removesigns      Allow the player to break signs they do not own.
    • Signs are currently stored in a flatfile in SignPrintf's data directory. I've been pondering about using Bukkit's persistence instead.
    Formatting Codes:
    Show Spoiler

    Server Time
    %#z    Displays nothing. Sets the timezone used for the displayed server time. The parameter is the offset from GMT time.
    %h     Hour (24 hour format)
    %j     Hour (12 hour format)
    %i     Minute
    %p     AM/PM
    %t     Time, 24 hour format (\"%h:%i\")
    %u     Time, 12 hour format (\"%j:%i %p\")
    Server Date
    %d     Day
    %m     Month
    %y     Year, 4 digit format
    %a     Date (\"%m/%d/%y\")
    Minecraft Time
    %H     Hour (24 hour format)
    %J     Hour (12 hour format)
    %I     Minute
    %P     AM/PM
    %T     Time, 24 hour format (\"%H:%I\").
    %U     Time, 12 hour format (\"%J:%I %P\")
    Minecraft Date
    %D     Day
    %M     Month
    %Y     Year, 4 digit format
    %A     Date (\"%M/%D/%Y\")
    Only one type of counter can be used per sign.
    %#c    Counter, Increased by 1 when right-clicked. Count is reset when left-clicked. Parameter is the starting count.
    %#C    Same as c, except cannot reset the count.
    %#x    Large counter, same as c, except increases depending on what the player is holding. Wooden tool: 5; Stone: 10; Iron: 25; Gold: 50; Diamond: 100; Anything else: 1.
    %#X    Same as x, except cannot reset the count.
    Multiple teleporters can teleport to the same waypoint. Only one waypoint per number.
    %#w    Teleporter. Right clicking on the sign will teleport to the waypoint. The parameter is the waypoint to teleport to.
    %#W    Waypoint. The parameter is used to identify this waypoint and will be used in a teleporter. Your location, not the sign, will be the destination.
    %%     %
    %v     Current version of SignPrintf.

    Version B0.0.1
    • Initial beta.
    To Do:
    • Nothing
    Known Bugs:
    • None
    What you can do:
    • Suggest additions/changes.
    • Use it and report any bugs or problems you come across.
    • Verify that the /signhelp pages format well on your Minecraft client.
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    I am looking forward to this... i loved the old hmod one. plain and simple. let me know if you need any help.
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    Beta v0.0.1 uploaded.
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