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    #Plugin Category#

    #Plugin Name#
    Plugins Wall

    #Plugin Description#
    I don't know if this is useful; but I like the Idea, while I thought about Players asking : Whats that Plugin called? Who made it?
    I don't like those Questions.
    Plugins Wall : Simply place a Sign on a wall, aim at the sign and write /plw set 'Plugin Name'
    It will then show (If plugin exists on server) check the Author of the Plugin and the Name.
    Line 1 (& 2 if Name is too large) will change to Plugin Name.
    Line 3 (& 4 if Name is too large) will change to Plugin Author.
    This would solve many problems!
    It would be enough if you can see the plugin name and author on the sign. Thats all I need.

    #Plugin Commands#
    /plw set 'Plugin Name' -- Everything in Description :)
    ... No more Commands needed? ...

    #Plugin Permissions#
    plw.set. -- Permission to use the Command

    #When I want it#
    No Time Frame :) <3

    Hope this is easy!
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    I'd like to do this for you.

    As I must head off for work in a couple of hours, and am also working most of tomorrow, it may take 1-3 days.
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    I don't care about the time. If ya want you can work on it for 2 weeks. My Comptuer is getting repaired at the Moment :( Im collecting more and more Plugins that i need for my server , so... This Plugin is perfect :D You're gonna be the first on the Wall.
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