[WIP]How to: Use block populators with your world generator.

Discussion in 'Resources' started by MatorKaleen, Nov 2, 2013.

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    I've been asked to make a tutorial about block populators. Therefore: lets do it.

    First we start with a basic question: what is the difference between world generation and population?
    If somebody would ask me, I would answer it like this: world generation determines, how the terrain looks like, population inserts all details on the terrain. Sounds logically, huh?

    But what can we exactly do now with these populators? What are the technical differences between a ChunkGenerator and a BlockPopulator? Simple answer: We can think out of the chunk. That means, that we can set blocks in another chunk than that on, we're currently in. And we can set data values. That means we can i.e. dye wool.

    But, back to the main question, what we can do: everything, that is in your mind. Beginning with placing trees and ores in the world up to creating villages and and and.

    What we shouldn't do, is generating our terrain with a populator. Why? Performance. While generating terrain with a ChunkGenerator, you work with a byte array. A populator works with objects. Thats why, a generator is faster.

    More text is in work...
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