[WIP] HarvestMoon - Convert Minecraft into Harvest Moon world!

Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by spywhere, Mar 13, 2012.

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    From this topics

    I decided to make this plugin possible. And it'll take a time to make this since Harvest Moon is quite a bit different from Minecraft. So, not all features in Harvest Moon can be possible in Minecraft world.

    Plugin will use a whole world and change a biome regularly depend on season the world is in.
    Plugin will use only 1 world (can be config in config.yml file) and I recommended you to generate your desire world (as large as every player can have their own house) which you want to use before install this plugin.

    My target version of Harvest Moon to convert to is "Harvest Moon: Back to the nature" on PS1.

    From now, it's already have a calendar and time system. And I'm currently making it to limit a feature like block breaking, place.

    1 Year = 4 Seasons (Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter)
    1 Season = 30 Days

    Chance of raining: 5/30
    All areas will be converted to Jungle biome
    Chance of raining: 3/30
    All areas will be converted to Forest biome
    Chance of raining: 8/30
    All areas will be converted to Plains biome
    Chance of snowing: 18/30
    All areas will be converted to Tundra biome

    *** As currently version of bukkit, some biome will have an error when changed.

    Admins and Moderators will called "Mayor" which can edit whole world and setup a new shop (like Blacksmith, Convenience Store)

    Players will have their house (pre-builded by Mayor) and will be asked for a few questions (birthday, farm name) and they're ready to play.

    Each player farm will contains a default tools (Axe, Hoe, etc.) in their chest (within their house) and started with 500G. Their inventory can be use only 4 slots and can be upgraded by buy a new backpack at shop. Any item put on a disabled slot will be removed.

    Tools can be upgraded when it reached a number of usage in each material.
    - Wooden tools (Default tools) can be upgraded to stone tools when use more than 50 times.
    - Stone tools (Copper tools) can be upgraded to iron tools when use more than 100 times.
    - Iron tools (Silver tools) can be upgraded to gold tools when use more than 200 times.
    - Gold tools (Gold tools) can be upgraded to diamond tools when use more than 30 times.
    - Diamond tools (Mystrile tools) is highest level of tools.

    Tools can be upgraded at Blacksmith (no npc, just sign) by holding ore and bring your tools to the shop and left click sign... It'll upgraded your tools instantly (this can be changed later) and cost you amount of money (around 5000G)

    PS. I'm not guaranteed that this plugin will be finished and released. Just making it when I feels happy with this plugin. So, don't expect too much from me since I have another plugins to updated.

    ** Reserved for development images **

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    I am REALLY excited to see this happen! I came to the bukkit forums looking for this after seeing this Single Player mod

    I'm not sure how much of a client-base is converted to a multiplayer base, but this might help if you get in contact with the guy who made this. If you didn't know, Runecraft is another version of Harvest Moon, but adds questing and fighting to it, which is what that mod is based off of. But the post you replied to about making a plugin about harvest moon seems to have wanted everything that this modder has made already. Just needs a convert to bukkit :D
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    Did the developer stop? o-o
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    Just a temporary inactive... :(
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    Ah i see... Well atm, i'm creating a HM/RF MC server, using all the plugins available atm, so what the plugin only really needs is.... Actual stamina bar, hot springs regen, viewing usage on tools, a trade system like turning in your Stone pickaxe(Hammer in-game) and 3 iron or w.e # of ingots for a iron pickaxe(Hammer) in 3 or 2 MC days, We need horses or something .-., and other than that, i think everything else is covered.
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