[WIP] Guardian - the final replacement for BB, LogBlock and HawkEye

Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by oliverw92, Aug 27, 2011.

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    JUST saying, BigBrothers' params are really easy. p: for player t: for time a: for action r: radius i: item

    or remove p:
    /lb rollback Sayshal r:15 t:12h a:create i:furnace

    no need for LogBlocks' thing.
    /lb rollback player Sayshal area 15 since 12h create furnace

    I'd love to Beta Test this!

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    And LogBlock has this too:
    /lb tb
    /lb tb mode rollback
    click some blocks
    /lb tb off


    Another thing: We maybe should write something in the license to forbid plugins that can fake log or log own action under a different name. Otherwise logblawk wouldn't really work as grief proof for MCBans, when the admins easily can fake griefs and ban players that aren't griefers at all.

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  3. Wonderful news to discover this, people should copy this great example, we need less plugins doing the same thing, more cooperation, good luck!
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    Does that not just give you the tool, in the first available slot ? :s

    And /lb tb off just make it not do anything ?

    I may have to investigate more, I guess you should know right ;)
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    Probably at least a month

    Ok so some examples:
    1. User does /lb lookup oliverw92 r:5 a:block-break, which calls LookupCommand
    2. LookupCommand creates a new ParamParser and gives it the arguments the user put in
    3. LookupCommand then creates a new QueryObject(ParamParser parser, BaseCallback callback, QueryType type). QueryObject is a runnable. QueryType can be SEARCH or DELETE
    4. When the constructor is called, it creates a new thread for itself and starts the thread.
    5. In the run() method of QueryObject, it calls the the method according to the QueryType in whatever EntryManager is being used, so for our example it would call getEntries(ParamParser parser) - I forgot that method off the EntryManager abstract in the diagram. If we were using QueryType.DELETE then it would call the delEntries() method
    6. If any errors are found during the query the error() method of the callback is called with a QueryError.
    7. After the query is done any results are given to the callback and the BaseCallback execute() method is run
    8. In the case of our lookup example, the results would then be handled by some kind of display manager. If we were doing a rollback, then a Rollback would be instantiated etc.

    Have you tried how HawkEye does it? When you type /hawk tool, if you don't have the tool it will give you one. It then moves the tool into your hand.

    Not a bad idea, but at the end of the day if an admin wants to fake it they can just edit the database.
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    Nope, but that sounds pretty good.
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    Sure, but most admins knowing how to do that are grown up enough to don't.
    It's more about these "Haha, I'm god like admin and now you'll get global banned cause u suxx" kiddies
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    I think the problem is with mcbans really. I may have misunderstood, but I would want to be able to log stuff as a different user for my NoFloatingTrees plugin so that if it removes part of a log house it can be rolled back and no one gets blamed.
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    That would be no problem, as the schema allows to assign changes to plugins.

    I meant something like a plugins that allows me to log all my changes as a specific player, like:
    /logmeas NotAGriefer
    Then I'd grief a house and global ban NotAGriefer because of griefing, proved by LB ...
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    At the end of the day, a license can't stop people doing that.
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    Well I would like to think such a plugin would not be accepted ;) But yeah that should not be allowed.

    Saying that, people can just ignore the licence.
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    Sure, it wouldn't stop most, but at least we could suppress official plugins.
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    am so excited for this
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    Is your avatar an aplaca too? Cuz it's the 3rd one in 24 hours...
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    You mean me? Yeah, I'd probably somehow incorportate it into this plugin. I'm not working on it atm but I could develop the "detection" side of it and give it to this so they can put it in. I'm no good at SQL.
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    It would be the job of a separate plugin, really. It can just use our API for searching the database, you don't need to know SQL.
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    Well if I could have some sort of uh... "instructions" on how to find who placed a block (the only thing I can think of needing currently) soon I can start the plugin.
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    We won't be able to give you that until we have finished the core of the plugin really
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    oh hahahahahahaha :D didn't even know
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    Geoff Winans

    May I once again recommend naming this Overwatch? LogBlawk is terrible name.
  21. I agree on that. LogBlawk is horrible and might confuse many server owners.
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    This is the awesomest plugin I've ever heard of. You guys are example-setters for pretty much all of the Bukkit development community. Can't wait for this to be out.
    If you need some guinea pigs, I'd test this on my server.
    @Geoff Winans: When you said that, I thought of this. I like the name XD
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    Overwatch! Here here!
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    That sounds a little odd. Maybe (The) Overseer?
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    Since I saw a lot of debate over what commands will be used, I'll just comment that I personally hope this uses BB/HE command paramaters.
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    Mike L

    I think the name LogBlawk is going to confuse some people, this should be called:

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    You may :D
    For me it's atm like Overwatcher vs Guardian
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    Guardian is nice. :) You should hold a poll or something! XD
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    Guardian. Overwatcher is awkward to say.
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    What would the alias be ingame? XD
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