[WIP] Guardian - the final replacement for BB, LogBlock and HawkEye

Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by oliverw92, Aug 27, 2011.

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    I'd love to but I'm not a java dev.
  2. I've asked this previously, but wasn't answered, so I'll try again.

    1.) Will Guardian be able to give warnings to the staff of a server if, say, a player places lava or TNT, or tries to break any block they could not have naturally found? (Glass, woodplanks, etc)

    If yes to number one,
    2.) Will these warnings be able to be toggled on and off and altered? For example, setting the plugin so it gives warnings of players breaking glass, wood planks, and fences, but not logs, grass, dirt. You get my point.
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    that I know of it should be able to log EVERYTHING.
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    It would be possible to give off such a warning, however it probably won't be in the first public release most likely. If that feature is added it would be configurable.
  5. If it's even added, considering that's more the job of an alerting plugin, not a logging plugin such as this.

    Not that an addon plugin couldn't be made, but I think that adding it would be getting away from what guardian is supposed to be, a logging plugin. YMMV, IANAL, IMO, etc
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    I look over the comments and get ideas, like after this plugin, guardian could be a group of security plugins, like Guarding Protect, Guardian Log, Guardian Alert, etc. Protect is like World Guard, Alert Is Like Alerter, And Log Is This.
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    I think that, because of the possibilities you have in the configuration, you don't need them to be separated.
    Anyway, still waiting patiently for this plugin :) Would help you if I could program in java, but unfortunately I cannot.

    Good luck with writing the plugin!
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    Is this fake? I think this is totally fake! When did this will released?
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    Yeah it's totally fake, they even faked all this code too. Such a fake !
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    they've been working on this for ages.

    is it getting anywhere near being finished?
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    Hey, I am really interested in this plugin; When will it be out?
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    To all you haters out there, thanks the our new recruit 7H3LaughingMan we are aiming for alpha/beta in a day for two, it will include tools, block break / place logging, searching and rollback!
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    Do you have details of the API it provides anywhere ? I'm guessing people will be jumping to try this out and I would like to have MineBans support it.
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    uhh the API is barely done.
    I think I will jump for a release within the next 36 hours.
    I haven't personally tested out rollback or tools.
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    There must be a method that you call somewhere to get the block changes for a player, any reason why I cant just use that ?
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    Sure you can,
    QueryParams params = new QueryParams();
    List<Entry> entries = Guardian.getInstance().getLog(params);
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    Looks perfect. thanks :D
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    Uhhh... I've hardly seen any haters the last days on here.... But thank you @7H3LaughingMan !!! And thanks for updating us as always. :)
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    The second this comes out, it will be on my server. I will help everyway I can and actually try to break it so it can be fixed :)
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    Been waiting for this for forever. You can bet I'll be testing it out on my dev server. :D
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    We would love you to come and help :)
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    If any of you wish to join the team, the door is wide open for you, we need some good devs :p
    Simply contact me on irc.esper.net #guardian or send me a private message here with your github details.
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    I can see that this plugin must be a lot of work, and I just want to say thank you for working on it. I know this is going to be the #1 plugin when it is released. I really appreciate your guys' hard work and I can't wait until the plugin is ready. Also, I don't know anything about writing java, but I have hosted many servers in the past with all sorts of plugins and I would be willing to test out beta or alpha builds and send the error codes. Keep up the great work guys!
  28. So, does it mean that Guardian will be no longer the big cooperative, official replacement for BB, LB and Hawkeye? Seems md_5 does continue with Guardian while DiddiZ continues Logblock and oliverw92 is ...somewhere else?

    Edit: Forget it - I found the answer in the official release thread for the Guardian Alpha.
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    As stated (and you have realized) Oliverw92 is way to busy with real life.
    On the other hand I need DiddiZ to contact me and give me a formal statement on his plans, oliverw92 has kindly stated numerous times he is too busy for this.
    With slade now onboard we aim to become an even bigger collaboration of logging plugins.
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    glad to be part of the team :)
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