[WIP] Guardian - the final replacement for BB, LogBlock and HawkEye

Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by oliverw92, Aug 27, 2011.

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    Celtic Minstrel

    If it's Bukkit, I don't see why this wouldn't be compatible with it.
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    as of this writing, there's a FEW fatal flaws in HawkEye, 1) It will randomly drop recording and 2) the MAJOR issue, rollbacks have a %60/%40 chance of killing Bukkit.. this is not fun. 3) the WebInterface isn't showing results sometimes.. LB's dev releases can be scary.. BB is long since gone, and there's very limited alternatives..

    I understand that HawkEye's dev, Oliver, is working on these issues, But there's too many servers that haven't jumped to 1.2 yet. The Minecraft community is starting too look a little to much like the Android one as far as version fragmentation.

    I'm Not trying too be pushy, really I'm not.. but I feel I speak for many server ops when I say Guardian is *DESPERATELY* needed!
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    I agree ^^ this is desperately needed. Latly i have noticed that hawkeye has been logging less and less. In 1.8 it logged 90% of the time, now its around 60%. Guardian is needed! Please have a release soon ;)
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    This plugin is needed. I give you my support.
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    There are some new plugins like CoreProtect.....

    But I don't want to use others than Hawk or the new guardian. (Hawk update are very rare...)
    Would be very nice, if anyone from the developers could post a little dev-status.

    When it comes, IF it comes, circa release-date, or is it dead and I have to switch to other plugins?

    Heyho developers, are you still alive? ;)

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    I am alive, coreprotect will NEVER work, afaik it uses a flat file
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    Flatfile?!, ok noWay, I'm just flying over some topics ;)
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    OK so did 1..0.6b fix anything like logging randomly stopping and crashes on rollback?
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    It uses MySQL and looks like it has a lot of potential as hawkeye is broken Logblock is dead and this don't look like it will ever release.
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    Have you been monitoring the GitHub? It's active. It's a WIP and won't be released until it's good and ready. You don't want game-breaking flaws such as logging things wrong so when you go to rollback it corrupts that area of your world?

    Let them do their job, and let them do it right.
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    do you have a working version we can use till this is completed ? if so can you post a link to this message
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    Oh. This looks nice. I don't like HawkEye (it's not bad, i'm a costumary animal). I was using LogBlock all the time (didn't use it since 1.1-R6), but here, there's DiddiZ with so I could imagine using this instead of HE :D
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    I know its active but the main 2 devs who made the other plugins haven't said a thing or added anything to github recently, I just do not think that this will get released with comparable features to logblock anytime soon.
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    Eagerly awaiting the release of Guardian!

    Will have to stick with LogBlock for now, working decently on 1.2.3, only seen once or 2ce where a dozen blocks where missed from a 120,000 block rollback. (grief clan)
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    I cant wait, im worried that this will take so long that the other will die and I will be forced to use core.. Although LB is working perfect currently.
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    Take as long as you need =D. i would rather have many features working to there fullest extent instead of having a few lines slapped together and have 3 features
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    After almost 7 months you would think there would be something working. Dead project?
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    Actually just by looking at the github stats, it looks like the only person actively working on the project is md5. So basicly I think everyone else abandoned the project EXCEPT for him.
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    Yeah, Really suck's how this ended up
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    oliverw92 was last seen on these forums on the 16th. :((
    DiddiZ is still active on these fourms, particularly in the LogBlock thread.
    md_5 is the most recently active one.

    I was really looking forward to Guardian, and seeing the end of 3x plugins that all do the same thing. One unified grand plugin was looking nice.
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    Everyone spam DiddiZ he is very lazy.
    Oli on the other hand is very busy. I can't do this by myself.
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    never ask the minecraft community to spam :D

    but thanks for giving us a heads up that you guys still live :)
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  23. Agreed. If you need spamming, you need reddit or /. ;)
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    Well it seems like DiddiZ is moved on from Minecraft, but I reallly hope he will find some time to make sure this project is going to happen.

    md_5 if Guardian is going "live" what is the future for it? "Minecraft API" or "Spout Server"?
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    So is there now any functional logging plugin ?
    (which may be able to import logblock logs ?)
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    How about LogBlock ?
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    What does guardian need? I'm a quick learner and it seems you guys as much help as you can get. I'm willing to put as much time as needed to get this plugin out there. And I'm sure everyone will appreciate getting it out sooner, rather than later. I entirely support this, HE being rarely updated lb and bb being almost dead, all admins need something to keep they're servers grief free. Pm me or post back if you need help.
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    md_5 At this point, what's Guardian missing? (Better to ask that than what it has)
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    Well mainly it needs log queries and rollbacks
    Then it needs data entries other than blocks.
    You are welcome to help.
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    Log queries, like if x block was placed or destroyed, do w,v,y, or z (logging the actuall event?)
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