[WIP] Guardian - the final replacement for BB, LogBlock and HawkEye

Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by oliverw92, Aug 27, 2011.

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    This is taking a lot longer then expected
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    Anyway as of a few minutes ago, it's alive!
    I believe all the entry code is to a working state.
    and DiddiZ need to check I didn't screw up the schema somewhere.
    GameCharmer, if you are remotely good at web design, I would love it if you could crank out a little download page and perhaps a download counter.
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    I can maybe do a web page, if im free ill do it.
    (own a website design company ^-^)

    Also what do you mean its alive?
    Is it ready to be downloaded?
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    That probably means that they pick up development again. Finally ;-) I so can't wait for it!

    PS: Don't look at my website, I'm learning :D
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    This is the "java coder for the server "industrial rage"", kind of funny that people are talking about me like that. XP

    Anyways, it would not work for all mod blocks. Certain basic blocks that only do damage values would work properly, however once you get to ones that use MetaData for orientation it wouldn't restore it properly. Then you get to the ones that store what the block is based off the TileEntity and manually change what TileEntity implementation it uses when it is created which results in a disaster. Then you get ones that have the TileEntity store all the information about the block such as RedPower which has a specific block that has a thousand variations and then you can mix and match them as well putting it into millions of combinations. The only way to store this data properly is to store the NBT of the TileEntities.

    Now the only thing I care about is Chest Access logging that doesn't use Spout, and if we could manually change what blocks it should listen for. I currently have a slightly modified version of LogBlock that listens to the specific mod blocks and it works perfectly except for that it should check periodically while someone has a chest open instead of waiting to check when they close. Cause at the moment you could open a chest, have someone come up you invite take a look and while there looking take something out. Then you wait for them to wander off and put the item back in the chest and the other person gets marked as taking an item.
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    Well sortof.
    If you can make us a page to put a link and download counter on, along with MossyCobble's logo, then we have a base build for people to run in the background of their server. It doesnt have log querying or fancy stuff, but it logs block place and destroy to the db.
    If your block extends BlockContainer, we can do Spout free inventory logging.
    If you block has a data value of 1 byte or less we can log it natively.
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    Every mod item that needs logging extends BlockContainer, they also all use a Block ID that is 1 byte and just use damage values to separate them.
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    Block Id can be anything.
    Vanilla only takes up to 1 byte of damage, so do we
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    So whens this coming out? And if it is already out, where can i find it?
  11. Will there be a visible warning option? Like, "Player _____ Placed Lava Bucket" or "Player _____ Tried To Place TNT." It would be great if you could make these warnings toggle-able. For example, be able to select an option to give a warning to the staff of players placing TNT or Lava, but no text warning of them opening doors, etc.

    My apologies if the question did not make sense, lol.
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    So, is there a version of this we can download for 1.1, that lets us find out who placed and broke what? That's all we really need, and we can't find ANYTHING up to date that will do that!

    If so, where? Can I have a link please? ><
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    I'm pretty sure most people can find LogBlock.
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    As he said. LogBlock.
    Hawkeye works too.
    This "Guardian" plugin isn't out yet.
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    You guys should name it BigBlawk
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    Perhaps I'd clicked on the wrong thread for LogBlock. Thanks! :)
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    You forgot to answer my question ;)

    The problem with WorldEdit is that it changes block values but doesn't fire an event for every block (imagine how much MORE lag massive block changes would cause?)

    I think, if this has an API to allow logging for custom events, someone could write a plugin that hooks into WE and reports the operation, affected cuboid/polygon/brushed area/new tree/whatever. Maybe it would be able to dump the WE undo cache entry? Perhaps it could convert the WE data into events in the background (seperate thread) and then log them when it was finished?

    Again, the real problem with WorldEdit is the sheer volume of changes it can make instantly, which will choke down anything like this. Only trusted users should ever have access to WorldEdit, and you should have a secondary backup system (i use rdiff-backup) for when the DB can't capture properly.

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    How long will this process take?
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    I don't mind how long it takes, I prefer quality over quantity, same applys for time I guess, but if you ever need anyone to test it out, I can always give it a go, although I will be running logblock with it in case it breaks.
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    I would like logblock to store edits made by worldedit, name of the editor. Because sometimes admins go over the top and do evil deeds with worldedit and there is no way to find out who did it and rollback doesn't work either.
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    I don't know about LogBlock, but I -KNOW- that HawkEye logs commands. That's how you trace Badmins
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    Yep, LogBlock does
    it too. /lb chat player PLAYERNAME search /set 10 would be the command.
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    all this is great, but...

    this is the FUTURE... but... i need a plugin that does this right now, my server is under attack...
    HawkEye doesn't work. it doesn't log anything for me.

    i can't wait for this plugin to finish, not because all of the awesome features (HawkEye is perfect for me) but because this WILL be maintained. i created a ticket, no reply. read someone else's ticket, also no reply...
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    HawkEye doesn't work for you? Runs perfectly on my server running 1.1-R4
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    It works fine for me too.

    You sure you got everything configured correctly? MySQL and all?
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    oh i like the sound of this! realy looking forward to this! :) diamonds for you!!!!
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    it stopped working when i updated bukkit, i haven't changed anything but that.
    it worked fine before the update...

    LogBlock is working fine now, but i really hate that plugin, the worst one i've used in ages...
    it really tries to make me stop my server for ever
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    logblock works monitering 2 worlds on windoom. Id say that logblock has better api for other plugins to hook into ... x-ray informer uses it.

    The great thing about logblock is that its a little complicated to setup the config to make it run nice. This means alot of idiots cant use it.
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    Although this is the fault of server management which allows such people access to WorldEdit. We have ranks that have WorldEdit.

    The thing is... some people tend to abuse it. I would like Guardian to log block changes made by worldedit commands.

    Just the other day I found that one of the players with WorldEdit had made glowstone rectangles through other peoples houses. He was offline and there was no way to undo what he did, neither to identify who did it.

    So... If it was possible to log block edits made by WorldEdit and to identify the user through it, it would be great!
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    I agree, same problem. But I have a way to undo the WorldEdits by saving all the worldedit logs into a MySQL db and using my own private plugin to roll that back, main deal is that I have to look through the sever log through SpaceBukkit which isn't instant and could take hours, just to find out who did it (which is necessary to know to rollback that WorldEdit)

    So a plugin with full WorldEdit rollback functionality would be great. :)
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