[WIP] Guardian - the final replacement for BB, LogBlock and HawkEye

Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by oliverw92, Aug 27, 2011.

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    Did you not read my post? Because I clearly said: "They will keep releasing Spout for Bukkit only up until their own server is complete and stable."

    And I don't want to use a spout server. I'm quite happy with Bukkit. But good luck.
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    That is your perrogative and I also wish you good luck in your endeavors as well. I merely made a response because you contradict yourself by saying that we "announced the end of Spout for Bukkit" then you say that we will support it until the server is completely stable.

    Perhaps I should have mentioned that but regardless we will support it till Spout is ready (it will be a while yet). My apologies for missing that :p
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    Well I didn't contradict myself because you did announce the end of Spout for Bukkit. When Spout the server is completed and stable the Bukkit version will cease to be updated. Or is that not the facts?

    You did not give a date, but you did give the conditions for when Spout for Bukkit will stop being made. I'm sure as a programmer you can appreciate that use of language in describing a time as an event.
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    +1 to no dependency on other plugins (Spout).
    Is it possible to log when a creeper targets a player? so it will be shown like this in the log: creeper targeted player, creeper destroyed dirt, creeper destroyed wood, etc...
    Also, will animal and mob killing be logged?
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    Yes, that is possible
    @Guardian_Security EntityTargetEvent
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    I think us mentioning the "end" of support was presumptious. Granted I didn't word the announcement and the team probably didn't think nothing of it BUT the better way of putting things would be...

    "We are announcing that we will be ending support for the Spout plugin for Bukkit starting when we deem our server stable and usable (perhaps one to more months away)."

    Please do not feel that I am challenging you or anything on this, I just don't want a dev that is considering supporting Spout the way it is not do so due to the announcement and what others may say. Whereas the truth is exactly what you say, we still got a ways to go before a stable build is launched. We would love to give a time for when it will but you of course understand that if we do so and we don't manage to pull it off by that time...it wouldn't go well XD.
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    Why not just follow the logblock example where ... you get enhanced chest logging with spout but you dont need it to log chest. Why such big fuss over small issue that other logging plugin has already solved.
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    + 1
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    My concern is due to the Logblock example. Because chest content logging is a very important feature for many servers. When Spout is working, it is fine. But when you have dependencies you increase the possibility of downtime due to development lag.

    No dependencies means your users only need wait for you to update your plugin to Bukkit.

    Each dependency you have adds to the possible time users need to wait for a working update. Not only do you need to update your plugin to Bukkit, you also need to update your plugin to changes in the dependencies. It's also out of your hands waiting for the other project to update. This means features of your plugin are unavailable for a large part of the release cycle.

    So many plugins depending on each other means a more complex and potentially less stable ecosystem (of plugins).

    Additionally Spout are moving away from Bukkit, meaning this feature will not be available in the near future.
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    As opposed to what other example? if these logging plugins could fully log without spout they would already be doing so. logblock provides enhanced with spout and best it can without it. It doesnt require spout so its not dependant on it. If you opt for no spout in this plugin then you will just be left with what you would have had with logblock or hawkeye without spout.
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    Quote from the first post in this thread:
    It's something they are considering.
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    so your model is bigbrother and hawkeye ? and how does this compare to spout logging in logblock? and the non spout logging in logblock?

    I think you will find its worse then the spout logging in logblock and the same as non spout logging in logblock hence why i said why not use logblock model in first place and have enhanced and non enhanced chest logging.
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    "It's the end of the world as we know it!" Happy new years! :D
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    A feature that I would like to see in Guardian is the RollbacksPerTick from BigBrother. This just makes it less laggy, I guess. Also, I recon you don't use the main server thread for rolling back, right? I've seen WorldEdit take down servers easily, and, correct me if I'm wrong, that's because it uses the main thread
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    Since your online at the moment where do I download this plugin?
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    Worldedit or BigBrother? Just search for them here.
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    I'm just curious, how far along is this project so far? Has any code been written yet?

    Also has development slowed or ceased yet on BigBrother/LogBlock/HawkEye to concentrate on Guardian?
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    Is there any ETA on when dev builds will be released? I own a webserver with databases and a medium sized server that I'm willing to test on
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    Can we have an ETA?
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    Hey guys,

    I am a web developer (PHP, AJAX, JAVASCRIPT, ADVANCED MYSQL, APACHE MANAGEMENT, MYSQL PDO, MYSQLI, MSSQL, SQLITE2, SQLITE3 etc) Developer and I was wondering if I could join the web dev part of your team. I also have dedicated, VPS and shared hosting servers if you need them. Let me know.

    Best Regards,
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    Great Thing! But when is the Release? :confused:
    I hope it will not take very long. ;)
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    It will release when it releases. -_-
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    Because there are a lot of server owners (read: at least me) who won't even consider a plugin if they have dependencies.
    Because when you have dependencies, you lose users every time Minecraft updates.
    Because if it's not developed in-house, you run into problems
    Because that dependency that you require has 2-5x the capabilities that you are actually using it for...and despite not actually using them, they are there, taking up system resources.
    Because I could go on for an entire page about why having external dependencies causes more /ragequit for server owners than almost anything else.
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    We have no depends
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    what does logblock have dependencie on? if you dont have spout it still logs chest.....
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    Would love to get a beta build to try out on my server if possible
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    You always can build it, because its open-source.
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    How would I go about compiling it? Never done that before
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    you could use maven, but i don't know who, or you use eclipse or netbeans, import the source from github, add the required libs, and export it. but i can also build it for you
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