[WIP] Guardian - the final replacement for BB, LogBlock and HawkEye

Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by oliverw92, Aug 27, 2011.

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    Any news on a beta release?
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    I'm going away on the 27th for a week, it is all of your jobs to pester @oliverw92 and @DiddiZ and try to make them do work, was meant to do config today. Will try tomorrow and post a sample file.
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    Have fun
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    Wow, I really can't wait for this to be done/stable. Really guys, you are amazing! Keep up the good work.

    Oh, make sure to tag me when this is done/stable, please :D
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    I am thinking that I will read through all 870 posts in this thread and tag every reply......
    Otherwise follow @Guardian-Security and you will get notified
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    I mean as soon as they release their own server software. Because in the discussion somebody said that bukkit plugins will most likely not be compatible with plugins for the spout fork of glowstone!
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    This is gonna be so nice :-D Can't wait!! Do you guys have a date for release eventually a month? Will it be released before january?
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    debug: false
    checkVersion: true
    sendStatistics: true
    logPlayerInfo: true
    ninjaMode: false
        name: Guardian-MySQL-0.1-SNAPSHOT.jar
        tablePrefix: gd
        hostname: localhost
        port: 3306
        database: minecraft
        username: root
        password: 'password'
        path: plugins/Guardian/log.db
        max-connections: 10
            # block events
            block-break: true
            block-burn: true
            block-dispense: true
            block-fade: true
            block-form: true
            block-from-to: true
            block-lava-flow: true
            block-water-flow: true
            block-ignite: true
            block-physics: true
            block-piston: true
            block-place: true
            block-spread: true
            block-sign-change: true
            # entity events
            entity-enderman-pickup: true
            entity-enderman-place: true
            entity-death: true
            # explosion events
            entity-explode: true
            entity-creeper-explode: true
            entity-creeper-explode-as-player: false
            entity-enderdragon-destroy: true
            entity-ghast-fireball: true
            entity-tnt-explode: true
            # paiting events
            entity-painting-break: true
            entity-paitning-place: true
            # player events
            player-chat: true
            player-command: true
            player-bed: true
            player-bucket-empty: true
            player-bucket-fill: true
            player-death: true
            player-item-drop: true
            player-interact: true
            player-join: true
            player-kick: true
            player-item-pickup: true
            player-teleport: true
            # vehicle events
            vehicle-create: true
            vehicle-destroy: true
            vehicle-enter: true
            vehicle-exit: true
            # world events
            world-portal-create: true
            world-structure-grow: true
            # other events
            container-transaction: true
            lava-flow: false
        - 0
        - Notch
        - jeb_
        maxTimePerRun: 200
        forceToProcessAtLeast: 20
        delayBetweenRuns: 6
        # TODO refine argument structure
        linesLimit: 1500
        defaultTime: 30m
        defaultDist: 20
        linesPerPage: 15
        enableAutoClearLog: false
        # TODO refine argument structure
        - world "world" before 365 days all
        - world "world" player lavaflow waterflow leavesdecay before 7 days all
        - world world_nether before 365 days all
        - world world_nether player lavaflow before 7 days all
        dumpClearedLog: false
    # TODO refine argument structure
            maxArea: 50
            maxTime: 2d
            maxArea: 100
            maxTime: 4d
            maxArea: 250
            maxTime: 1w
            maxArea: 500
            maxTime: 2w
            maxArea: 1000
            maxTime: 1M
    # TODO refine argument structure
            item: 270
            leftClickBehavior: NONE
            rightClickBehavior: TOOL
            params: area 0 all sum none limit 15 desc silent
            - t
            defaultEnabled: true
            mode: LOOKUP
            give: true
            item: 17
            leftClickBehavior: TOOL
            rightClickBehavior: BLOCK
            params: area 0 all sum none limit 15 desc silent
            - tb
            defaultEnabled: true
            mode: LOOKUP
            give: true
    Feedback and opinions please, eg are the logging options to general, to specific, complicated etc etc
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    I thought you guys said it was gonna be release for Xmas ;/
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    Well, clearly that is not the case, simply a goal. @oliverw92 has been very very bust lately for one.

    Warning of alternate accounts based on logged ip's once a rollback has been completed sounds like a nifty anti-grief feature.

    Also how many of you would prefer not to use Spout for chest logging?

    And also I wouldn't mind someone whipping up a logo / avatar for us :)

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  13. No spout: I can't put enough +1's next to this idea.
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    When I did chest logging with spout in HawkEye (when i first implemented chest logging) I genuinely got some hate PM's about it. By default we should make it work without Spout, but if Spout is present it should use it
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    I agree with this. Also if you've not been to the Spout forums lately you should do so as they've just announced the end of Spout for Bukkit and are going to create their own server that is compatible with Minecraft instead. They will keep releasing Spout for Bukkit only up until their own server is complete and stable.

    For this reason I would urge the developers of this plugin not to rely on Spout which could become depreciated within the next few months. Source for the lazy: http://forums.getspout.org/threads/new-years-resolutions.487/
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    I myself have started using less spout, and only use it now for logblock chest logging....soooo...I am all for non-spout chest logging.
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    Celtic Minstrel

    Non-Spout chest logging requires my inventory hooks (or something similar) to be implemented in Bukkit in order to be completely reliable.
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    personally i find without spout my server lags sooo bad, so anything that uses spout sounds good to me.
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    Curse contract in 5... 4... 3...

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    If you also read that post, then you realize that we will support the SpoutPlugin for Bukkit as long as necessary until we are ready to go.

    When that time comes, simply run Spout as your server (it will be worth the change ;) ) with the compatibility plugin for Bukkit installed (called SpoutBukkit) and you won't have to worry.

    Now a plugin as (well will be) massive and event intensive as Guardian would fair very well with the new event system being made for Spout (coined "Fast Events" and for good reason) :p.
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    Feature request:
    Log IP (and history, not only the last used IP) of players.
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    I too, am looking forward to this one logger to rule them all. ;)

    Re Spout for chest logging: If possible don't have dependencies on other plugins. Development of plugins are never in sync, so one breaks the other often in my experience. Although, I know this may mean a lot more work on your behalf to emulate the hooks.

    Also, if you're thinking about this, don't do any auto downloads or updates of Guardian or dependencies (or at least allow admins to turn off this behaviour in the configuration). I've had several plugins in the past decide they need to update this or that. They freeze the server while downloading the file install it. Sometimes the outcome was a malfunctioning server.

    Having a lot of plugins working together is sometimes a balancing act. The less you need dependencies, and the less your plugin tries to upset the ecosystem the better.
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    I think Spout has a lot of thing to offer. We could have a spout add on that extends Guardian's functionality. That way we have the best of both worlds. As for chest logging, what ever works best for Guardian and the Dev team.
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    Personally I would love if the database scheme for Guardian that would also allow other plugins to have easy access.
    For instance, you're logging all kind of things anyway, why not allow for easy stats collection for plugins and webpages?
    It seems like a waste to me to have to load 2-3 event intense plugins which basically log the same things, just to get the data delivered in different ways.

    Would it perhaps be a good idea to split up the logger from the reporter? So that an admin installs the logger which takes care of all the logging to database, companied by an extra jar for a rollback tool, a stats tool, an achievements tool , ... ?
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    Maybe you guys could include H2 Database support again?
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    Donald Scott

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    just read... there were like 20 people asking the same
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    Woah, okay I'm sorry...
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    I've seen, that you are looking for a developer who can write a gui, so if it should be written with swing/awt i can make that for you. I've many experiences with it, because i've written a programm with swing, which is called "recipe-collection" and can manage cooking recipes with its own data format, sortable tables and much more. So i've you have no person for a gui, it would be very cool, if i can do that for you.

    Edit: I develop also a Spout/Spoutcraft GUI for my own Plugin, so i can help you there, too.

    Edit2: I will try to make a cool Logo for you, any ideas from your side?
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    Spoutcraft GUI is a great idea!!!
    When can we expect to be able to use this plug-in?
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