[WIP] Guardian - the final replacement for BB, LogBlock and HawkEye

Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by oliverw92, Aug 27, 2011.

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    so if someone wants a version with H2 they have to code it themselves and upload it on your site? ok i dont know how to code so im begging someone to do it. You should also put when someone makes a H2 version for your plugin on this thread, just suggesting! =]
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    I'm working on it as I type this.
    We MAY do it, but certainly not at v1.0
    If you want it at 1.0 pester someone else.

    Alright guys, the dev wheel is slowly starting to turn.
    Join me at #guardian on esper to get the latest commits reported to you by our bot, and get the first news / input on any new ideas / info. Jenkins builds will be out as soon as we get something that actually logs.
    That is build #1 will be complete with logging, but not rollbacks.

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    Yay that is great I hope there are not too many bugs so you can get it out soon.
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    Also I forgot to add, follow @Guardian-Security for all the latest news about releases, beta's testing etc etc
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    Celtic Minstrel

    Remind me where the github page is?
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    are you going to make an H2 version!!! please do!
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    I hope when these plugins merge, they make an effort to ensure easy-of-use. Not that I doubt the programers.
    I've had trouble getting LogBlock to work, overly complex configs and such.. Whereas HawkEye worked right out of the box, after only simply configuring the login/database stuff. ^_^;
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    You share my opinion. Umm it has merged, I have just started working on it again a few days a go. Just trying to clear everything up at the moment. Next port of call is fixing the config, which I will get around to doing tomorrow.
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    I honestly cannot wait for this...keep up the great work guys!
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    Celtic Minstrel

    I'm not going to do anything at the moment. It seems their database bridge is so abstract that different database bridges could actually use a different schema, and I don't feel like figuring out the schema. <_<
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    From the sounds of it you are trying to host your own MySQL server. Instead try finding a free MySQL host. I can guarantee you will have much better luck that way.
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    Do you know any free mysql servers? If so can you please recommend one?
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    What do weeee neeeddd..... A DEV BUILD!

    Also, having trouble with mysql on LB, is there anyway this could like NOT require it?!

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    "WorldEdit and Voxel Sniper should be an "add on/plugin" logging"

    I don't mind if it takes a delay in order to make it work properly for large edits. Why not come up with a formula for adding a delay related into proportion to the size of the edit. For instance 1000 bocks 30 ms delay. I know it will be a lot more complex then my example, it's just to demonstrate what I'm talking about. I'll take some testing to find out how large of an edit it takes to make the average server leg. What do you think?

    or maybe with spout you could store the edits client-side....?
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    My take on this would be to call the relevant block place / break event when the total block count is less than a predefined number. The number probably wouldn't be very big without causing lag. Otherwise once we get a stable release I might see if @zml2008 wants a pull request that uses our api.
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    totally agreed!!!
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    hey if you want you dont have to make the h2 support since i figured out how to use mysql, but can you please make a tool like log in big brother please?
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    this is taking a LONG time... i saw this start in like september... LogBlock siad it would take about a month.
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    Celtic Minstrel

    For large rollbacks you should use a separate controller thread.
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    They are done in stages. Rollback, wait, rollback some more, wait etc etc
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    Celtic Minstrel

    Eh, I guess that works too... though it's vague enough that it could be the same as what I was thinking. :p
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    I really liked LogBlocks simplicity.
    I hated it's rediculous config @__@
    400 edits? Rolls back 50 blocks >_>

    Loved Hawkeye. Worked pretty awesome.

    Bigbrother rolled back everyblock. :D

    I hope you guys get close to finishing this.
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    help with config ?
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    Impressive project! What i'm missing in hawkeye is the ability to choose the block you're previewing rollbacks with.
    For instance, we have a small guest world, and before giving someone Member permissions our mods always do a rollback preview on that user to see if he griefed. However, in a flyby it's not always very clear which blocks got touched by a user. So if our mods could make the preview block, let's say, red wool, then any touched blocks would become very apparant.
    I'd love for features like this to be incorporated in either Hawkeye, or Guardian, or both.
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    Should I make the config on Christmas day?
    idk maybe. Anyway hope to get more news soon
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    It should be made tonight... then you can spend Christmas with your family xD Good work on the plugin really looking forward to it. And hope its still a Christmas present for Server Owners.
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    Its morning here xD
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    EDIT: must be christmas day as your from AUS lol

    What Christmas Eve or Day? lol I would love to wake up tomorrow to find Guardian Ready I have tried LogBlock but it only ever seems to roll back about 20% of the stuff and leave lots so I use Bigbrother but I love the commands for Logblock more.
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