[WIP] Guardian - the final replacement for BB, LogBlock and HawkEye

Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by oliverw92, Aug 27, 2011.

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    MySQL server not found, but this is the wrong thread
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    Its not ready yet.
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    Could you please tell me how to fix this :)
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    Post on the HawkEye thread
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    I don't mean to sound impatient, but do you have an ETA of a public beta build? It's just that i check this thread fortnightly and can't wait for it to be released, but it doesn't appear to change much if at all :(. I really hope the project doesn't die out.

    P.S I don't know if its me or not, but does any current logging tool (of the 3 above) work fully?

    HawkEye recently started to not log ALL player actions. 50% of the time if somebody is griefed, it will show the house owner placed the block, but there is no further logs. And the block is evidently not there anymore.

    LogBlock kept becoming backlogged up to 30,000 logs (running from a local MySQL database). I did change around the settings to increase the writes per load etc, but there was no offical guide for a medium/large server running chest logging.

    BigBrother just caused many java errors and crashes after about 4 months usage, not to mention the tool becoming stuck on.

    All i want is a stable rollback solution. The whistles would be nice, but all i ask is a solid foundation :)
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    someone has been working on updating bigbrother, seems stable but i dont think its ready for 1.0

    you can check it out here http://livecraft.enjin.com/bigbrother
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    Doesn't matter because once this is released I'm not sure he will get permission to re relase it as this is replacing it.
    At the moment we are waiting on @oliverw92

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    could there be a option of what syntax to use for the commands? cause i really like the simple straightforward syntax of logblock
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    What he said ^.^
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    Will Spout be required if we want to use this plugin?
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    i dont think this person is trying to re release it, just updating and fixing the problems that were in big brother after development stopped, the source code is free to download on github so i would assume ppl could do almost whatever they want with it

    also i have it running with no problems on a test server with build 1572
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    Nope, just optional for more exact chest logging
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    keep up the bad work :p
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    Alright thanks!
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    suggestion make it so you can rollback world edit changes
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    Good idea ! I'm surprised it hasn't been suggested before. Oh Wait !
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    Celtic Minstrel

    Depending on how long it takes, maybe not even that. ;)
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    do you have a alpha prerelease for us? Or are you still working on the main thing?
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    For this new version please add a feature to blocks changed through worldedit and tie them to the player who used worldedit
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    Really, on the same page...
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    When did this released?
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    This would be the best plugin on Bukkit EVER, if you could also tie in the logging of Voxel Sniper use. (Featured at Minecon.) Keep up the great work guys!
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    WorldEdit and Voxel Sniper should be an "add on/plugin" logging
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    This might have already been answered but will there be any support for mongodb and/or redis?
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    Seriously ! That's 4 requests for WorldEdit logging on the same page now !
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    Hay gais can we get some worldedit logging? It would be a totally worthwhile addition and I expect to be listed in the credits for this astute suggestion.
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    I think we should be able to rollback worlde......ahhh nm. :)

    On a more serious note. I, like many others, anxiously await Guardian release. I know never to ask a dev when something will be done but...

    Are you there yet?!?!? :)
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    Will the client need it or just the server?
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    The client was never needed for chest logging.
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    My two cents on WorldEdit logging:
    There would be two ways to do this, as I see it.
    1. A mode in WorldEdit to register a block place/break even for every block changed. This would be horrible and slow.
    2. The WorldEdit developers get together with the developers of Guardian to link them together. This would probably harder, but fantastic.
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