[WIP] Guardian - the final replacement for BB, LogBlock and HawkEye

Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by oliverw92, Aug 27, 2011.

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    No. Worldedit has to handle the latter, although you can log when someone uses a Worldedit command.
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    If you are still searching for MySQL (or other database) wrapper, I suggest you Dibi.
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    Deleted user

    Its there an Beta? of Guardian?
  4. No, wait until around Christmas time for a release.
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    I just checked config.yml and do not see any options for enabling it. There's also no mention of it in the wiki: https://github.com/DiddiZ/LogBlock/wiki/Configuration

    For the time being I don't see this as being an issue, as I was able to find an alternative solution, and I'm assuming that Guardian will have something similar that will allow this capability.
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    logging.logPlayerInfo in main config.

    Guardian will implement this likely a bit different, more like logging all joins and leaves and the online time has to be calculated afterwards.
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    Can we get one of the developers to verify this? Or, if they already posted this tidbit, could you quote it?
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    I guess we stated that somewhere
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    I have that set as "true" but it still doesn't work (just tested this again). I believe "true" is the default setting.

    That would be the best solution, as it would give people the capability to calculate if the user is online, how long they've been online for, total time played, etc.. Very useful!
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    If you make it like that, the online time will get screwed on a crash from the server.
    So you would have 2 log-ins behind rach other.
    Maybe a config for auto-update onlinetime repeeat in xxx minutes
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    In that case you'd ingnore the first login.

    The online time isn't very accurate, as it doesn't regard afk players. Online time is a side effect of ip logging.
    But I just noticed that IP logging is pretty useless, as you gain nearly nothing from it. Everyone could setup a proxy and later state his account was hacked.
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    Is this almost done?
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    Did you read the post above yours? :D
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    looks like its coming along nicely server owner littleniamh and I are prepared to test this plugin moment its ready seeing as we are a very high traffic server due to our ex yogs status one thing LittleNiamh would like though is some way of thanks credits if we did test this. (why do i forsee millions of tnt our tests always end that way xD) Lets just hope notch hasnt done anything too bad in the final release X3
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    A feature i would like to see is its possible to select an area with worldedit and remove all logs from that area, usefull if its rebuilt all the time.
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    Sure, as LB already have that it'll come.

    /lb clearlog selection
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    oh okey i didnt know that :p
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    Add Hawkeye's Web interface to LogBlock and Ill love you for ever.
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    Even better interface coming!
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    The Wizard

    ^Can you show us some pics?
    I can't wait :)
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    We got nothing to show :(
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    Do you think this will be ready for the full release of minecraft? This looks very promising, and would be nice to have for our map reset at the official release!
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    So in your HONEST opinion, until Guardian comes out, would you recommend Hawkeye.. or LogBlock. This questions is coming from a performance POV.
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    Save it for your next map :)
    Personally for me, being an unbiased user prefer HawkEye.
    sorry @DiddiZ :p
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    I wanted to know if you want a French translation ?
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    I recommend to use LogBlock, it's designed for low CPU and RAM usage.
    Hm, wouldn't be amiss I think, but we didn't talk about multi language support yet.
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    No problems, I would look this thread
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    Deleted user

    xD i cant wait for that plugin :D im so happy about that fusion :)
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    Multi language support might come at a later date, there would be soo much stuff that needs translation.
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