[WIP] Guardian - the final replacement for BB, LogBlock and HawkEye

Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by oliverw92, Aug 27, 2011.

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    By all means for simple things like that ModTRS will do.

    What I meant was a lot more complicated-

    Player gets grieved -> Selects the area that got grieved -> Requests a rollback -> Admin accepts or denies it
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    Celtic Minstrel

    Exiting what? :p

    @Cosmic Break – I'm not sure why your post was deleted, but it was most likely the tone rather than the content. Take it up with the moderators if you think it was unjust, but know that none of the developers working on this had anything to do with its removal.
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    Any news on the development?
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    Can be.. but what would be even better.. WorldEdit rollback.
    Then you can make sure you rollback nothing else that he did.. fair
    So like you select 2 points and the hight and rollback easyer =)
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    Ethan Allison

    Any chance you guys could make this work like regular *nix commands with -x something and --option=stuff flags? Example
    /g rb someuser anotheruser -a break,burn,chest -b dirt,stone --time-start=2011.08.22:12.34pm --time-end=2011-8-22.15:01
    Instead of worrying about syntax the command parser could just strip it to 201108221234(am|pm|24) but that's a pain in the butt to actually read...
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    *drooling over the fact that it logs container transactions* time to let the stealers bite the dust! :p
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    That's actually alredy supported by LogBlock :D
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    Oh well, is that the system you guys are gonna add to Guardian?
    P.S any ideas when Guardian is finished?
    I won't launch my server until that is donne... My server needs to be anti Grief - Anti Hacks!
    CFbanner, Anti-Xray stuff + Guardian + towny = protected server =)
  11. use LogBlock in the meanwhile. I promissed to keep it uptodate untill this project is ready to launch! I use LogBlock and I LOVE IT!
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    Logblock doesn't works for me?
    Somehow I get errors of it and if I try a command it doesn't works.
    Same for Hawkeye.
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    Celtic Minstrel

    I don't think the specifics of UNIX syntax (hyphens indicating parameters) is necessarily the right choice, but the general philosophy (order of parameters doesn't matter) probably is.
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    Sounds like improper MySQL connection config.
  15. soo, how much progress have there been made, if i may ask :)
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    Fair enough. They just started. They have fixed no date that it will be done, but it would be optimistic to say a month from now. Its a large project. It'll be worth the wait.
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    Definitely :D
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    true XD
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    any chance to add total online time to web stats ?
    or time of first join
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    Hm, we should add some columns to player table:
    firstlogin, lastlogin, ip, and maybe onlinetime
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    This is great! I would really like something that is both anti-griefing and will fuel our stats pages.
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    So how long we talking till this is done? Because I'm getting greifed and have no plugins to rollback the nastiness!
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    Well, not so soon. Try LogBlock :D
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    One thing i noticed in the tables of who broke a block (in LogBlock) is just shows player id, could guardian show player name instead.
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    The name is the name in lb-players table associated with that id. That's how efficient database schemas work :D
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    Celtic Minstrel

    I have a tendency to make my primary keys something other than a unique ID. It might be a less efficient choice, but it does do away with an otherwise redundant column.

    (I'm in no way recommending or asking you to do something like this.)
  28. does the web stats have a repo yet? want to look at it and fork it :)
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    No, not yet. I can create it.
    Here is it: https://github.com/Guardian-Security/Guardian-Webstats

    Does anyone know a word that contains both rollback and redo/undo/rebuild, like WorldEditing?

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