[WIP] GraveAttack (DeadMines support) - Design and customize hotspots for the undead horde!

Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by DrBowe, Nov 24, 2011.

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    Alright, so some of you might be wondering why I'm starting a project that supports DeadMines when I'm not even done coding DeadMines to begin with. Well, the easiest answer would be that I'm waiting for Spout to update so I can continue work on it. In the meantime, I came up with an idea for an add-on plugin to accompany DeadMines​

    What is it?
    In the long run, GraveAttack is going to be a plugin that is designed to allow server owners to designate 'hotspots' for the zombies (and possibly other mobs). With DeadMines in mind, this also means that you'll be able to choose the type of zombies that spawn in each area. Additionally, it will include the option to lay down 'anti-zombie' zones where you can specify whether or not certain types are allowed to spawn there, if any at all.​
    What can this be used for?
    This type of add-on becomes useful in the event that you want to have a scaling difficulty depending on where your players are on the map. Have a menacing cave? Set a zone around it that makes zombies spawn with increased health (and more frequently). Say your server has a volcano, you can designate an area that only spawns Infernites (Fire-Zombies from DeadMines) in it. Or, let's say you have a town where you don't want the Horde (random event where zombies spawn around you) to be able to attack you. Set up a zone with the 'no-horde' option turned on. The possibilities are really up to how creative you can be with it.​
    Planned Features:
    - Use voxel selection (two-point selection) to designate hotspots​
    - Various options to make each hotspot unique​
    - Option to make dead-zones (no zombies)​
    - Multi-World support​
    - Permissions support​
    - Complete and total support for DeadMines​
    - Other stuff that I'll think of eventually ;)
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