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    TimeCraft is a small idea I have that will turn Minecraft into a whole new experience.​
    I am brand new to coding, so this project will most likely not be done for quite some time.

    This plugin will feature:
    • Use of EssentialsEco
    • "Time" Money.
    • A system that will periodically take away 1 or 10 moneys per second depending on rank.
    • An Auto-clear system that will clear a players work.
    • An Auto-Ban system that will ban the player for 1 hour if they run out of "Time"
    The concept of this plugin is to take after the movie "In-Time" Users will start with 86,400 seconds to live (1 day) and their clock starts ticking 30 minutes into the game. From there the user will claim a plot and start to gather resources to sell to the shop. The more time you have the higher you may rank up. (Higher the rank, the more time you earn) There will be separate districts (14 to be exact) which will be called "Timezones".

    1. User joined the game.
    2. 30 minutes later users clock will start to tick down.
    3. User claimed a plot.
    4. User sold Cobblestone, Stone, Coal, and Iron for more time.
    5. User now has enough time to move to Timezone 2.
    6. User is now make 1.5 times more time than prior.
    7. User is now in the highest Timezone and is the TimeKeeper.
    8. [TimeKeeper]User is now thinking about making his own timezone.
    9. Timezone created.

    I really hope this plugin gets a lot of interest as I would then have something to look forward to. I already have clearance from a fairly high-ranking server owner that if this plugin is made he will host it on a new box. So look here for more updates listed below!

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    Looks interesting, I saw a request for this a LONG time ago(7 or so months ago, actually), I always thought it would be an interesting thing to see made. ​
    Rather than hooking directly into EssentialsEco, you should use Vault so it's compatible with most economy plugins, including EssentialsEco. ​
    Also, rather than every second, you should consider doing, say, every 3 seconds, or every 5 seconds, and take X times more money. This makes it less server intensive.​
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    Sounds like a great suggestion! I am just now learning how to implement player arguments so this idea is slowly starting to become a somewhat reality. I will definitely include you in some later posts if I do decide to switch around the variables, and use Vault.
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