[WIP/FUN][SPOUT] BukkTesta - NOPE! Just Minecraft taxidermy!

Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by iMint, Jan 13, 2012.

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    Oh noes, a creeper!...NOPE!
    Hello fair citizens of the Bukkit community. I hold before you a masterpiece of a plugin, one that will change the future of Minecraft gameplay forever....​
    Just another tr0ll1ng plugin.​

    Inspiration (open)

    I got this idea after watching the infamous Ojai Valley Taxidermy video below. It's become a widespread meme now, so I thought it'd be a fun plugin to make.

    • Scare people with taxidermy'd animals, JUST LIKE CHUCK TESTA!
    • Mobs now have a chance to drop their skin, which you can pick up and "stuff" to create fake mobs.
    • Crafting recipes for stuffing!
    • Custom items as mentioned above (skins and stuffing) for Spoutcraft users!
    • Stuffed mobs stand still, and you can move them to a new location.
    • Alternatively, you can use commands to spawn stuffed mobs. (Good for non-spoutcraft users)
    • Hooks into Vault to use Economy plugins for command spawning!
    • Permissions nodes for each mob! ~Although that ruins the fun :p
    When stuffed mobs "die", they drop the skin again but you have to re-stuff them. Slashing at a stuffed animal with a sharp diamond sword would make them lose the stuffing, at the very LEAST. :pAnd by the way: I do realize that real life taxidermy is not made with cotton stuffing. But it's more fun like that.

    So, yeah. Be sure to watch this thread for updates, and soon, a beta download! :D

    Add spawning methods
    Add spawning commands
    Add spout items
    Add recipes
    Stuffed mobs dont move, attack, or explode
    Add permissions
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    This is the best thing I've seen on the internet all day.
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  3. Worst plugin idea ever
    Actually sounds pretty cool. :D
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  4. Stuffing animals, nice!
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    LOL :D
    Make a configurable chance that a mob will spawn with chuck testa skin ;)
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    Lol this plugin made my day
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    Lol I'm gonna greif on my server with this.
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    This plugin is Chuck Norris... NOPE Chuck Testa approved.
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