[WIP][FUN][RPG] ZombieCraft - The Bukkit remake of the singleplayer mod!

Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by laserfrost, Aug 1, 2012.

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    Most of you should remember the old Call of Duty: Zombies mod that was built off of Beta 1.3. I'm in progress of remaking it as a Bukkit plugin. It runs off just a Bukkit server, and vanilla client. I have pre-made maps made too (Kino der toten, Nacht der untoten, and more comming). Most of my posts in the plugin help are for this plugin and you will be credited. If your interested in helping me code or build please PM me I'd love to have you help.

    EDIT: I just figured out in 1.3 servers can automatically load texture packs so I'm going to use that to my advantage :D

    [x] Zombie spawning with waves
    [x] Money and upgrade system
    [x] Pre-made CoD Zombies maps
    [x] Machines like speed cola and quick revive
    [x] Max people based on server.properties
    [] Multiple games on one server
    [] Maps that you can build yourself
    [] Auto-updater
    [] Completely open source
    [] Spout/Spoutcraft version for easier setup
    Suggestions are welcome! Thanks!
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    You should make it spout, so there can be real barricades, guns, mystery box, ect.
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    Well, if it was only spout then it would be interesting, but less people could use it.

    I would love to offer my services if you needed any help getting this up and running though.
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    Done it! Please go to dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/zombiecrafts
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