[WIP/FUN/MISC] Infected - Spread the zombie plague! [1000]

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    [WIP/FUN/MISC] Infected - Spread the zombie plague!
    version 0.6
    ~90% Complete!

    This plugin allows the player to become a zombie! If the player is damaged by a Zombie, or an Infected human they will gain Corruption. Your Corruption rate will grow faster and faster until you become Infected. You must stop this from happening before you transform by making and eating the magical cake. Once your 100% corrupted you become a zombie and you have to find a cure else your health will slowly drain. However you will be immune to most forms of damage and must kill to survive.
    Development build:

    (Jar || Zip)

    1. On contact with an infected player or a zombie player gains Corruption
    2. The longer you wait to cure yourself the more infected you become until alas you are totally infected which will make you turn into a zombie which you are in complete control of.(Mobdisguise API)
    3. Infected can be cured by eating delicious cake
    4. Infected will gradually lose health and must eat flesh to survive (humans or raw bacon)
    5. Infected are immune to fall and drowning damage
    6. Infected are weak to headshots from a bow and arrow (3x damage)
    Strongholds has been moved to its own WIP found here.


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    1. Make a fully functional and stable release
    2. On player damaged have a chance to become infected if hit by an infected
    3. Make the infected faster stronger and immune to certain types of damage
    4. Add ability to cure infected with an item or praying at an altar
    5. Spawn a zombie on an infected's death(done)
    6. Make zombies neutral to infected and other mobs hostile
    7. Add permissions and maybe iConomy &/or ZombieShop economy
    8. Add more features
    9. Put shit on github
    10. Make pigmen infect players
    11. Add mobDisguise for infected
    12. Add commands to do stuff
    13. Make player become a creeper if they die from one for a cooldown period
    14. Add benifits and consequences to being infected
    15. Make the cure
    16. A command that spawns stongholds
    17. Add bases for Undead and Survivors
    18. Add base protection for teams eg. Sentries, Guards
    19. Adding StrongHolds MiniGame-


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    • Done with the majority of expected functions of Infected
    • MobDisguiseAPI is working (its awesome!)
    • Submission to be entered sometime soon just debugging left to do
    • I cant even remember what we changed here but we moved to v0.6 fairly fast so...
    • Huge changes to the code added mobDisguise for players that are Infected will appear to be a zombie to others and other changes.
    • Fixed multiple bugs


    • added new classes for infected
    • made changes finished first stable build

    • Bulk of the code has been written
    • Added zombie spawn on death update your own code accordingly if needed
    • Put all code on pastebin if you add anything pm me and I can update the links.
    • Waiting on code to save players %infected and if they are infected

    Known Bugs:
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    • Infinite zombies spawn on infection
    • Become infected multiple times
    • Stupid loops
    • There is unconfirmed memory leak in v.4 maybe its just me

    To viewers:
    This plugin is a creation of not just mine but all the developers who have contribited (some more than even myself!). Those people who are considered part of the team and have contributed signifigantly to our cause are as follows: bergerkiller, techwiz101, desmin88, Legolas75893 and maybe you! Please feel free to make suggestions if you have an idea on what we can do better, or If interested in joining IPD send me, infected a private message.
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    Headshot from a bow or a bunch of hits by swords
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    You should contribute to the plugin.

    To anyone who's on board already add infectedturtle on skype.
    Later today everyone needs to be online so we can discuss where to begin.
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    Adding the new/updated code now
    • weather listener
    • player listener adds
    • infection main
    • other changes
    Mad credit to Bergerkiller Im very grateful.
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    v0.4 is out now and is working check it out. Im putting it up now.
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    Thats not necessarily true. You could check for projectile-hit events, and come up with a small algorithm that determines if the location of the arrow when it his is closer to the upper block of the player's body, than it is to the lower block.
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    were using mobdisguise to make the player a zombie
    idk about the headshot thing im sure its possible
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    Amazing bro keep it up can't wait to work with u
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    Release is coming soon expect it to be... entertaining.

    Register on our homepage. Check my signature.

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    I made a acc
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    Huge code additions coming your way guys should have this sucker ready for submission soon.
    @emericask8ur get on skype man i need to talk to you
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    Grammar Troll

    A small idea is, by using Spout, forcing a certain skin to a player, so they can actually notice when they change in a zombie. I do not know if the skin changes immediately after forcing a new one, but that is easy to find out. I have two minecraft accounts, and 1 is unused, so I can change its skin to the default texture pack zombie. Downside is that you will look like a default zombie, so having a different zombie texture will most likely look weird.
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    @Grammer Troll
    We have incorporated MobDisguise and hence Spout into this plugin. Its very impressive to use.
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    Awesome Plugin, use it on server, along with ZombieAttack.
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    have you he of permissions or commands to infect or disinfect people
    or hotels a build?
    There will be you it the adverts or the stress of Sun or other as the vampire plugin?
    There will be you this special attack objects?

    can be integrate command help to see more clearly?
    may be to consider the vampire plugin which is more complete for some ideas

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    Man I was just thinking of making a zombie infection plugin...but for Spout. Will you guys be adding Spout support? You could change the player's skin as he becomes more corrupt so it's a visible change to everyone.
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    I would like to change the cure to a different item, can you do this?
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    Is there a test server for this? If so then whats the IP?
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