[WIP/FUN/ECONOMY] SkyBlock Survival Trading Plugin

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    This Bukkit plugin is a simple plugin for use in the SkyBlock survival world (Preferably version 1 or 1.1). With it, you can trade Cooked Stone for other items and blocks not normally obtainable in the original SkyBlock.

    The way you trade items is using one simple command. The syntax of this command is shon below:

    /trade <item to trade> <item to recieve>

    The items you can trade are:
    One stack of Stone for one stack of Sand.
    One stack of Stone for one stack of Dirt.
    One stack of Stone for one stack of Gravel.
    One stack of Stone for one block of Iron.
    One block of Iron for one stack of Redstone.
    One block of Iron for one stack of Lapis Lazuli.
    One block of Iron for one Golden Ingot.
    One block of Gold for one Diamond.
    One block of Gold for one lava bucket.

    You can also use a sign as a way of trading. To use signs, put "[SBTrade]" on the first line, the name of the item in your inventory (for example stone) and put the item name you want to trade for on the third line (for example dirt). The fourth line can be left blank or have text, it does not affect the trade.

    The sign should be as follows:



    For placing sign (currently disabled because of bug): skyblocktrading.placetradingsign
    And for using the /trade command and right clicking the signs: skyblocktrading.trade

    Features that will come in the near future:

    - The ability to add or remove items for trading (from an external YAML file)
    - The ability to change the amount of blocks needed to trade (loaded from external YAML file)

    Change Log:
    Version 1.1
    + added trading stone for gravel
    + added trading via signs
    + added permissions
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    Nice work!!! I think sky block has kinda been beaten dead, but this could make it more fun!
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    I have the signs working, but before I update I will add permissions to make it more practical.
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    Updated plugin to version 1.1.
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    Please read the submissio guidelines and format yor title accordingly.
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    Is this finished? If not a WIP does not belong here.

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