[WIP][FUN] Battlefields v0.1 – Highly customizable, versatile PvP Arenas [1337]

Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by 2n3904, Sep 1, 2011.

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    I purposefully kept all the general text in the plugin greyscale, so it wouldn't clash with anything. I assume you are referring to the color shown in the video during the game. The only use of color I have in the plugin ATM is in the death messages, where each players name is shown in the color of their team for easy viewing.
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  2. Exactly.
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    Hello 2n3904,

    This is a really great plugin and I know many minecrafts server would LOVE use this. You should consider making a BukkitDev page and get the ball rolling on this, maybe allow people to test this plugin on their servers. I would love to be part of this project and help document.
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    Ecstatic to see this plugin happen, if you need another server for beta testing, please let me know!
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    i remember this good old plugin, missed it so much. what servers are testing it right now? i wouldnt mind helping test it again or playing on a server with it.
  6. Did this plugin went inactiv? It would be a pitty if the development stops...
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    I second this. If it's going to be a platform, open source is the best way to go!
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    I can very well help you with this, the database integration and the web side of things. PM me and let's get this out of beta!
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    Well I'm out of practice on Bukkit plugins specifically, but Java coding I'm game for 100%, especially if it gets this plugin out of Beta, let me know if I can help at all!!
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    Hey everyone, just want to say that I am committed to finishing this plugin.

    These past few months have been hard on me personally as I am going through some major life changes... it has been difficult to find time for things like this since I went through my last burst of activity. The stress really overwhelmed me and it was inevitable that plugin work had to fall by the wayside temporarily.

    So don't worry about this becoming inactive, just about it taking a bit longer then anticipated (again). I'm really sorry everyone, I know some of you are tired of my terribly inaccurate predictions of release. I think the first thing I will try to do is clean up the code and put it on GitHub, by popular demand. And start enlisting some of you who are offering to help. Believe me I want to get this out as much as you want me to. It'd be a relief and a pleasure.

    On a side note, I do have a plugin that I had been incrementally working on in the background for a long time now which is basically ready for release. It's a portal system, much more hands-on and feature rich then most of them out there. It basically enables players to create their own portals (ancientGates style, but fancier) and networks (for some optional material price in money/items) and link them together with other player's portals and networks in basically any way they want. The portals work like hubs - you go up to one and open it temporarily to the destination you want, as long as it is accessible from that portal. Players can limit who can use their portals, put tolls on them to gain revenue, manage how they function, etc. I'm getting back into focusing on Battlefields, but I will keep finishing that one up in the background as well like I have always been. Likely they'll be released around the same time.
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    I could definantly help you clean up the code and help you if you want good luck!
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    Battlefields is now on BukkitDev.

    Also the plugin I mentioned earlier (Gateways) is on BukkitDev and has a Beta release. Go check it out!

    Good news is most of the load is off my shoulders and I have a decent amount of time to devote to Battlefields. Crossing my fingers I can get it done before the end of winter break.
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    Looks Epic I cant wait :)
  14. Is there any update come sometime? Or did this went inactiv?
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