[WIP] - ExpSkills v0.8.3 - buy permissions with experience/money [1.2.5-R2.0]

Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by Syd, Sep 27, 2011.

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    This plugin edits the config of PermBukkit directly, which is not a very nice method IMO.
    Maybe I´ll try to use serverside commands like Vault does, but I dont like this method, too. :D

    It's on my To-Do List^^
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    IMPORTANT: I found a CRITICAL typo in the skilltree code.
    If you use the skilltree, you should update to the lastest dev version. (Which is also 1.0 compatible)
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    Updated to Version 0.7.0_RC1

    Version 0.7.0_RC1 (12/13/2011)
    • built against CraftBukkit #1597 - MC Version 1.0.1
    • added independent level calculation method. See config section for further details.
    • added level_need node for skillsa
    • added revoke_need_groups: true/false node
    • added first try for automatic config updates
    • added skill cap and a "extra_skills" value in player config
    • updated /exp grant/revoke to no longer work with non existing skills
    • updated all commands from /xp to /exp, as /xp is a now a vanilla command
    • removed /exp add/set <player> totalxp
    • fixed /exp revoke to work as intended
    • fixed CRITICAL Typo in Skilltree
    • fixed CRITICAL bug in cost_type: both skills
    • fixed small bug in /exp current <player>
    • fixed some NPE
    • maybe something i forgot to mention here

    please redownload the .jar if you already downloaded it.

    A bukkit related bug fix caused a bug in my plugin.^^

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    You should use GitHub for source, its easier for people to look at.
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    Since register be inactive could you please add support to Vault. Thus adding support for eco, permissions and chat plugins. :D
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    Is on my To-Do list^^
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    Looks epic, I'll have to try this out.
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    Finaly 0.8!
    I hope it runs nearly bugfree. :)

    Version 0.8.0 (2/7/2012)
    • updated to CraftBukkit-1.1-R3 (#1846)
    • general code cleanup and refactoring of source code
    • added Vault Economy Support
    • added playtime counter and playtime as requirement for skills
    • added rental of skills
    • added customizable languagefile
    • added message on levelup
    • updated support for bPermissions - it should work with all features now!
    • updated support for PermissionsBukkit - only group_need is not supported as of now
    • updated /exp list -> "/exp list all" or "/exp list <filter>" all shows you all skills no matter if it's buyable for you
    • updated /exp reset -> "/exp reset level" resets only level and exp, "/exp reset total" resets exp and skills, "/exp reset" resets only skills
    • updated 'cost_type:', it does only matter for "/exp list" and "/exp info" anymore. It will now always take the amounts of money/skillpoints given in the config
    • removed the skill0, skill1, skillx limitation, you can now name you skills as you want
    • fixed /exp list to show only buyable skills now
    • fixed a bug in /exp reset which could cause lag
    • maybe a few more fixes due the cleanup
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    Suggestions :
    GroupManager support (The essentials kind)
    And the config doesn't have too much of an explanation...
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    GroupManager support - on To-Do List, not sure if I make it Vault only...

    advanced documentation - on To-Do List (I think I´m not good at this...^^)

    The error means that you don't have any skills in your config.yml

    I just updated the dev version:
    - added Vault Permission Support
    - fixed a possible conflict between Vault and Register
    - fixed error in "already own skill" check
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    Just started working through installing it.
    Not enough money error: "You donp't have enough money"
    Seems like an easy fix ;)

    From /exp info <skill>

    Last line, "You need all of this skills"
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    Thank you, I´ll fix this in the next version. However, my english is far away from beeing perfect.^^

    Btw. you can fix it for yourself by editing the lang.yml in your plugin folder. :)
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    Really nice plugin, keep this up. I love it.
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