[WIP/ECON] MCcoins - The Real Money of MineCraft V 0.1 [1000]

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    Version: v0.1 This plugin will not only add coins to MineCraft but will make it so only certain people can make them.
    I am looking for a team to help me with this plugin.
    Core Features:
    • Adds Silver, Gold, Platinum Coins.
    • configurable so only certain groups/Ops can make them.
      • Usable with Iconomy plugins
      • AutoBuilding Mints


      • Version 0.1
        • Plugin in Development
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    How does this differentiate from any other economy plugin? :confused:
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    Do you mean ACTUAL items?
    that would require some client modding also
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    My complaints with any type of economy systems:
    - Players are few, so there's never really enough things to buy with money.
    - Not enough competition between sellers causes prices to be unreasonable.
    - "Interest" (of what bank, I don't know) makes ΓΌber inflation and money becomes worthless.

    Seriously problematic things:
    - Server-wide shops make prices static. Some things are made too cheap. Also, occasionally you can mistakenly make a situation where players can profit (sell sand for one dollar, buy glass for 4 dollars, sell coal for 2 dollars).
    That example I put in parentheses was what actually happened in one server. The owner wasn't thinking, so I ended up building houses out of gold.

    What I would suggest at least trying:
    Make a server-wide shop whose prices aren't entered by any admin, but are determined by supply and demand. So, if you have 2 diamonds in the shop, sell them for 1000 dollars each. If you have 500 diamonds in the shop, sell them for 10 dollars each.

    If people realize they can profit off of selling sugar cane, the store will get tons of sugar cane and prices will be low, and they'll stop receiving sugar cane when it becomes not profitable (when the shop gets 5000 stalks. :p)

    I understand you're trying to take a different approach using physical coins, but the economic ideas still apply. However, I dislike any necessary client modding, because it restricts the server to people who have modded their client. I think you should make a new economy system with a server-wide shop. And don't even give people the ability to give interest. :p
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    This Plugin is Different from Iconemy because it not only adds Coins but IN-Game Stores so its like Iconemy+IconemyChest or something like that mater.

    No I am not adding physical coins because then the user would have to do some client Modding.

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    What is this new plugin Iconemy?
    Also: another plugin called Iconomy already has IconomyChestShop + "Coins" Persae. I just see absolutely no use for this at all. + My plugin, already add's these features for the currency(Gold,Silver,Copper).
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    I am Sorry I Meant to say is this plugin will be like the plugin "Iconomy" but instead of /money it would be like /coins so example

    Silver: 1
    Gold: 3
    Platinum: 5
    Total Cash In MCD: 116.

    Silver = 1 MCD.
    Gold = 5 MCD.
    Platinum = 20 MCD.
    MCD = MineCraft Dollar.

    The goal for this Plugin is to make a plugin like "Iconomy" but with a Plugin like "Iconomy ChestShop" in it also. So instead of having two Plugins You have them basically In One. The idea of In-Game Shops is from haias.

    I hope You Get it now and Sorry i didn't know your plugin adds coins.
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