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Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by Jaker232, Feb 23, 2012.

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    I have announced some spoilers earlier today about an auctioning plugin in the works behind. As a result, I have wanted to fully announce the development of EasyAuction by presenting what will be useful, and what's so different.

    1. Administrators with the admin nodes will have power in controlling auctions, from ending them or cancelling them. Useful if an auction gets out of control.
    2. The auctioning is done in a different chat, privately in a location set by the server owner.
    3. It's very easy to bid and start an auction, unlike any others. There is no hassle of command usage, but only if you don't mess up.
    4. It supports PermissionsEx (and Bukkit superperms) and iConomy. PermissionsEx is for the permission management and iConomy handles the auction transaction.
    5. You can see a history of auctions from the last reboot. If you were on for 12 hours, you would see the last 12 hours of auction. You can enable the option to log to a file all the auctions in the configuration system.
    6. The hoster of the auction has commands that could help, like /auction cancel that ends the auction in case a serious emergency happens. Alternatively to end with a winner, they would have to do /auction end.
    Those are the best benefits I can think of the plugin.

    Bidder's commands - 75%
    Administrator commands - 25%
    Configuration System - 0%
    iConomy Transaction - 0%
    PermissionsEx implementation - 0%
    Write new methods for addons - 0%

    Post your ideas and support below. The more support I get, the faster I work.
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    WIP Plugin Update: 2/26/2012 (Build 1a)

    * /auction start done
    * /auction bid done

    Auctioning Handler:
    * Created an ItemStack instance to get the selling item for the auction
    * Created a bunch of fields for the current auction (host, current bid, etc)

    * Added checking if file exists, if not, writes a new one
    * Wrote 3 new configuration fields
    * Added 3 public fields to access for temporarily change

    Please be aware, most of the plugin is glitchy at this very build and will not be recommended for use. It does not currently work as of many flaws. THERE IS NO TRUE DOWNLOAD. Most of the plugin is not complete, and the API has been not written yet. EDIT: AuctionHandler moved to API class, 100s of flaws popped up. Fixing
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    WIP Plugin Update: 2/27/2012 (Build 0a)
    * /auction end done

    Auction Handling
    * Removed the priceWinner variable because what's the point if you're wiping data when it's just written?
    * Renamed a few variables
    * Created a new method: stopAuction(). It ends the auction with a winner

    * Created countdown clock

    The current build does NOT currently work as many flaws are still in and lots of features have not been implemented yet.
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    Instead of hooking only into iConomy you could hook into Vault and support every economy plugin!
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    Sure. Are you currently supporting the project?
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    Vault? Well I only wrote the hook for my economy plugin.
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    No, I mean this plugin
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    I would like a plugin like that. I tried WebAuciton but it's not doing what I want.
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    Sure. I'll work on it now, faster!
    EDIT: Follow me at twitter for instant notification of progress: https://twitter.com/#!/Jaker232Pwn0rz
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    I'm giving out a developer build VERY soon. It will be the first developer version of EasyAuction and uses some crap.

    I have to finish these things:
    * Do administration commands
    * Have PermissionsEx supported
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