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    Go read my latest message, I did some work on this :D

    Hey guys, Antariano here with another quick idea. I'm going to do a little poll first to see if interest arises or not.

    The problem
    As UI lover I always try to make the experience for my users as pleasing as possible. Altough I never programmed a bukkit plugin, I always tried to make the stuff that I do visually appealing.
    This is why I thought it would be nice for developers to make their stuff nice, too!

    The idea
    What I plan to do is basically a set of.. let's call them "widgets"... that are dynamically created from an URL.
    Here's a basic list:
    • Icon Set
    This is pretty straight forward: A set of typical, bukkit and plugin-dev related icons to make your posts/categories a bit nicer.
    • Banners
    Automatically generated banners for either plugins or plugin devs. Upload your image, put some text in, and that's it!

    URL would be something like this: example.com/banner/type/title/message
    Where type is to choose from a list of different banners.
    • Progress Bars
    Progress bars! We all love them, we all want them! Now they are here, dynamically created. Or better: they will be here! :D

    URL would be something like this: example.com/pb/type/percentage/fcolor/bcolor/message
    Where type is to choose from a list of different progressbars, colors are the bar's colors, and message is an optional message (either in or below the bar).
    • Newsfeeds
    This badasses will take either an RSS or a Twitter feed and put them in an image, so you can put those in wherever you want. Nice, huh? :D

    URL would be something like this: example.com/news/type/url
    Where type is to choose from a list of different newsfeeds, url is the url to the feed (or twitter account).
    • more to come once I think about them or you suggest them :p
    So now it's your turn! Tell me what you think :)
    In case we do this I will probably need some brave souls that do the hosting though :D
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    Dynamic signatures FTW?
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    Amazing :D
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    I think this has not reached a level of interest that would justify the effort - neither to drop it, though. So, this is an elegant way to bump. :D
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    Allright, I will throw some stuff together, at least the icons. SpaceBukkit comes first, though.
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    Dynamic categories: Icon+title
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    Wow, this kinda got buried, didn't it?

    Well, don't worry guys, this is still a thing. In fact, I finished something today! First version of progress bars! :D


    As you can see, the progress bar is completely generated by PHP. The gradient took me a while to figure out, but the result makes it worth it :D
    Current parameters:


    It all renders fast without any problems :D

    Eager to hear comments / suggestions / critique now!
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