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Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by Yekllurt, Sep 9, 2014.

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    The new inovated Database for Minecraft Server's
    What doe's the Database do?
    Database is like the name already say's a Database.
    This Database is developed extra for the Bukkit Community wich they can use on there Minecraft Server.
    More detailed description following.
    - Simple and easy API
    - Encoded sending between the Server and the Database (AES)
    - Encoded saving of the Data
    - Easy managing of the Database
    Porgress 5%
    (There percent are based on the features i planned)
    - Able to encode & decode the Data
    - Sending the data encoded between the Server and the Database
    Il publish the code when it's more in the Progress done.
    Green = it's done
    Orange= it's to 50% done
    Red = it's not started yet
    Github Repo
    See the newest Code from this Project. Java Doc's following later
    Server: Link
    Api: Link
    If you have any Ideas or suggestions just write them in the comment's
    Project starting Date: 09/09/2014
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    Have you heard of SQL?
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    Yekllurt Why not just use mongoDB with your own wrapper? That's what I do on my networks. It's super simple, I do all of that in less than 50 lines of code.
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    The only thing you really need to do is run all your querys asynchronously, other than that it's fine using as is. Although you could make a simple wrapper library to makes thing a little easier :)
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    Just let the man do his own database system! It may end up being simpler and more useful for Bukkit.

    Yekllurt You should make it open source.
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