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    +=- Reasoning -=+
    Im creating this WIP thread to help me and the community for one of the most wanted topics for plugins as far as i could tell. There are custom enchant plugins out there but there is no "CustomEnchants" using enchantment tables as far as i know. Im attemping to create custom enchants similar to TimelessPvP's Faction servers CustomEnchants.

    Beginning Idea Code: By Nielsbwashere

    +=- Features -=+
    In the plugin i want there to be only 1 command and several enchants on all types of tools. Command is /ce which brings a chestmenu showing what the enchants do. I do not have any idea for the enchants i want but the tools i want custom enchants on are:

    - Bows
    Explosive? Explodes on contact
    Damaging? Splashes a square of damage pots where the arrow lands
    Teleportation? Teleports to location
    Smoke? Smoke particle effects around contact in large square for a "smoke bomb" effect

    - Swords
    Wither? Withers opponent
    Poision? Poisions opponent
    Bleeding? Makes opponent take constant damage for ? seconds
    Squid? Blinds opponent

    - Armour
    Speedy: Gives Speed permant effect
    Vampiric: Gives strength + slowness permant effect

    - Pickaxe
    Smelting? Insta smelts ores

    - Axe
    Cutter? Insta cuts a tree down

    - All
    Regen: Regends durability
    +=- Credit -=+
    If you participate in this project or give any code that is used you will be given permanent credit on the plugin even if your code is not used in the future! If you want more credit / perks
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